So you’ve met a great girl and want to really wine and dine her, but your bank account’s being a lousy wingman? Friend, we feel your pain. But relax, we have some great news: a survey from, a top online dating service, reveals you can actually score more points with a lady while spending less!

A whopping 83 percent of women say they would rather go on a fun date that costs less than 25 dollars than splurge on an expensive date.

No, really. Just check out these survey stats: 68 percent of single women say they prefer a down-to-Earth, less expensive date experience and 72 percent say they have had a successful free date. Not convinced? A whopping 83 percent of women say they would rather go on a fun date that costs less than 25 dollars than splurge on an expensive date.

How can this be? The reality is, women feel pressure when you’re shelling out loads of dough, especially early on. That means if you come up with a more creative/cost-effective activity, she can actually just relax and have fun…and you can, too.

But what to do? We’ve got ya covered. Here are seven charming, nicely priced options for a first date your dream girl won’t soon forget. Now go get ’er, kid!

1. Arts Night

“Honey, this painting really speaks to me. The only trouble is, I don’t know German.”

Nearly every city has an arts nights these days. If you both happen to appreciate quality art, you can do that. If not, you can, uh, “appreciate” the hipster art that often populates an arts night. It’s a cool way to hang out without pressure to be the center of attention or do all the talking. Of course, if you’re both hardcore art nerds, you can bite the bullet and go to a museum or gallery.

2. Hiking

Little-known fact: a huge smile is the best way to scare off Sasquatch.

For the active guy, hiking is another solid first-date maneuver. You two can enjoy the day together sweating it out in the beauty of nature. There’s always plenty to look at and discuss, and if you feel like shutting up and taking in the scenery, you can do that, too. Plus, with the seclusion of the woods, if things get a little hot and heavy, no one will be the wiser.

3. Cooking

One thing is for sure: the food will come out better than his taste in pants.

There’s something about two people working toward a common goal that brings them together. Plus, you’ll win points by showing her you can cook even the simplest of meals. While this is also true of dancing, you don’t have to worry about some Jacko wannabe swooping in and taking your girl in your kitchen like you do on the dance floor.

4. Sporting Events

Ah, the kiss cam. Almost always the most exciting thing that happens at a Mets game.

Sporting events can be fun even for people who don’t like sports, especially if we’re talking baseball. The slow, lazy pace of the game provides a lot of down time for chatting and/or drinking—though as a general rule, don’t drink more than she does. You don’t have to go pro—your local minor-league team offers amusing action at much less than A-Rod’s per-game salary.

5. Car Shows

We’re willing to bet they met at a car show. And possibly conceived the kids there.

Car shows are like art galleries for gear heads. Lots of girls love them and there’s much less pretension than you’d find at an art exhibition. Further, they’re often outdoors, making this the perfect way to spend a balmy summer night. If you know about cars, you have a chance to impress. And there’s always interesting stuff to look at even if you don’t even know how to pump your own gas.

6. Bowling

Great form! Now if only she were competing in the shot put.

Bowling alleys aren’t just for old men named Lou anymore. They’re fun, casual and allow for a ton of interaction. You can always pull the good old “helping her with her form” trick and she’ll laugh. So you suck at bowling? Who cares, it’s bowling! Equally promising variations include mini golf, the driving range and the pool hall.

7. A Staycation

“Yeah, yeah, the Empire State Building. But over there is great shopping.”

Wherever you live, chances are there’s all kinds of local stuff you’ve never experienced that people who visit just wouldn’t miss. Grab a travel guide or go online and check out what your city has to offer. This works especially well if the girl is new in town. That said, even a native probably avoids tourist traps while secretly longing to visit them. Show her a side of the city she’s never seen.

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