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There are at least seven ways Comic Con girls will emasculate the shit out of you. We’re not talking about your average female here-girls who frequent Comic Con are strong, dominant and often independent women. They show up in sexy costumes and emasculate men just for the fun of it. Watch out for these ladies!


The way they dress. There’s no way around this one: lots of the girls you’ll see at Comic Con are hot! Even something cutesy like a Pikachu costume can look more like a dominatrix. These S&M looking hotties can emasculate the shit out of you with the sheer dominance of their presence. You’ll cower beneath them and feel like an emasculated little boy in no time.


Comic knowledge. The girls at Comic Con are not being dragged there. They have serious knowledge of the industry. If one of these hot ladies decides to outdo you when it comes to your favorite comic book characters, you will be instantly emasculated, especially if all your friends hear.


Lack of interest. Let’s face it. Girls don’t go to Comic Con to see you. They want the experience, the celebrities and the fun of the event. If you start trying to hit on them, you might just be brushed aside. Be prepared for that if you decide to try out a pick-up line.


Laughter. Did you decide on a particularly lavish costume? While it could impress a girl at Comic Con, she might also just roll with laughter at your absurd appearance. To avoid being emasculated, opt for a costume that is flattering to your physique.

Role reversal. Comic Con girls are in control. If you’re traveling with these ladies, don’t be surprised if one of them wants to drive, park, pay and tip. This role reversal can emasculate the shit out of the men. But if you’re smart, you’ll enjoy letting the ladies do the heavy lifting.


Impress the celebrities. Say you’ve been waiting in line for over an hour to get an autograph from your favorite icon. You are likely to feel very emasculated when a couple of scantily clad Comic Con girls cut in front of you and impress the celebrities with their sex appeal. Just remember: if you have cleavage like that, you could impress them, too!


Choose someone else. A Comic Con girl might be attending the event with her boyfriend (or girlfriend). But there is a chance that one of these ladies picks someone up to make the hotel stay a little less lonely. You will feel particularly emasculated if a girl goes for one of your friends instead of you.