Planning on becoming the new homicide statistic over impressing the wrong girls? It is true. There are ways of impressing a girl that can get you killed. Considerations must be evaluated before coming up with an impressive plan. But where is that line drawn in the impressive sand? Consult the below seven ways impressing girls can also get you killed.


Address to impress. Having an address can be like kryptonite for a Superman and trouble for a Batman. At first, the address gives super heroes a reason to celebrate. But once an address lands in the hand it is hard not to think of the ways to surprise. Do not send a ton of gifts, a candy gram or your-unannounced-self. Serenading a girl at her window is not the problem, however strange. The clock striking midnight is the problem. Impressing with song or any other form of expression should be done in private-abide by noise ordinance restrictions.


Thinking and Driving. Driving your vehicle on two wheels down a busy highway may impress the Nascar lover, but does nothing for most girls, especially girls who would rather be dating someone alive. You may get lucky and escape the beat down for pulling the dangerous stunt. Thinking and driving is a good combination when impressing girls because girls tend to be attracted to guys with brains, not sprains.

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You’re under control. Leader is the name and control is the game. For those who believe that girls are impressed by guys who order for them or make decisions for them, prepare to get slapped with reality. Girls like doing for themselves for the most part. Stop telling the waiter what your guest will eat and allow them to make their own decisions. Taking the other less impressive way may not get you killed at first. But continue being pushy and watch what happens.

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Remove box and bow- “Oh hell no!” Holiday and birthday gifts should be special. What if you are invited to a party where the gift giving is more of a competition than a celebration? Don’t upstage gifts as a form of impressing girls. Not only will some guests be offended at how much more money you invested towards the birthday gift, but also no one likes a show off. Bring a simple gift for the party and an after-party gift for the girl.

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Lapse of luxury. You spoiled her, and you feel that it is time to take things to another level. But there’s not enough money. You borrow, borrow then borrow some more until the lapse of luxury becomes noticeable to the one person you’ve done everything for: her. This is an expectation welcoming a lifetime of work, the kind of work that could kill you.


I’m too sexy for my shirt! Girls love a bad boy, but when is looking like a bad boy not a good thing? Travel downtown without your girl dressed in your sexiest outfit and notice the women checking you out. Brag to your female friend about how many phone numbers were offered or the moments women went out of their way to flirt with you, and maybe, if you’re lucky, your lady friend will not be jealous. Rub your sexy ways all over other women in front of your lady, and she may bring chalk to outline your body after the fight.

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Fixing to repair. If you are not an electrician or a plumber, then you have no business repairing or fixing an electrical or water issue. If you are not qualified to complete certain tasks then do not offer your services in fixing those tasks for others. That means do not offer your services to any task which requires a license, certification, etc. if you have none. There are other ways to impress girls. Impress them with your real talents and skills.