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Scenario: It’s late Friday afternoon and you’ve got to go blow up…err…pick up your date in a couple hours. You want to look presentable and not like the lazy slob you usually are, but you also want her to see some of the real you too. How do you find a bearable middle ground between the two extremes? If you knew, you wouldn’t be here reading this. Chill, dude – we’re here to save your ass from preventable dating blunders. These are an essential 7 ways to get ready for a date. Aside from the first and last ones, these could also be ways to prepare for an interview.

Don’t overshoot the runway.


Bear in mind that you’re only going on a date – don’t start getting your hopes up to the point of determining where you two will get married and what your kids’ names will be. You might not even get a kiss, so one of the best ways to be ready for a date is to just treat it as a fun little stroll with someone and not a promise of a significant other (so don’t call her your girlfriend yet).

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Depending on where you intend to go for your night out, you’ll need to dress properly. If you’re going to an upscale restaurant, dress in nice slacks and maybe a tie. If you’re going to the movies, wear something clean and casual. Just use a little common sense when looking in your closet for the night’s outfit. In other words, don’t show up in a wife beater and a pair of grimy sweatpants; blatantly not giving a damn about yourself shows your date that you won’t give a damn about her either. Women go out of their way to look for your flaws, gents; don’t make it easy for them.

Use a little basic hygiene.

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You think for one second your date will want to be physically close to you if you’ve got greasy hair or you smell like sweaty balls? Take a shower, shave, comb your hair, brush your teeth, wear deodorant, and trim your nails and ear/nose hair. Also, use cologne sparingly if you wear it—you don’t need to marinate yourself in it. It’s not like going buck hunting where the more scent you use, the more likely the one you seek will be attracted to you.


You may be really nervous about going on a date, and being edgy can lead you to act weird, say inappropriate things, stutter, and just generally seem like a social retard. Try and loosen up before the date— have a cigarette if you smoke, or maybe a little bit of alcohol. Not enough to get you drunk, but just to take the edge off your jitters. If you don’t smoke or drink, take some “personal time” and be sure your clothes aren’t stained afterward.

Don’t be a dick.

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While it’s good not to be exceedingly anxious, it’s also ideal to not be a pompous prick either. Acting like you’re God’s gift to women, like you know everything, or just having an overall air of arrogance about anything will turn your date off in a split second. Be confident, but maintain a little bit of introversion too.
Know where you’re going.

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Now that you’ve taken care of appearances, the next best way to be ready for a date is to know where the hell you’re going. If you’ve got reservations or just have somewhere in mind, be sure you know how to get there. Otherwise you’ll end up driving around aimlessly and your date will think you’re an unprepared idiot.



While you shouldn’t expect it, sometimes you get lucky on your first or second date. There’s only one thing that sucks more than being without a rubber when the opportunity to get laid arises, and that’s having your date end up pregnant because you decided to feed her kitty a sausage anyway. Tuck a condom in your wallet where she can’t see it—just in case things get heated. And only hop in the sack if it’s obvious she wants it.