Southwest is having a 72-hour sale of escalating awesomeness. Depending on where your departure and arrival cities fall on the scale, you could be getting a heck of a deal. But hurry before flights are all booked.

The way it works is based on how far you’re flying. Ticket prices are set so that if you’re flying between 0 and 374 miles, you’re tickets are $25, if you’re going between 375 and 549 miles, you’re tickets are $50 each way, and so on up to $100. 

Unfortunately, you can’t get home for the holidays since the travel dates are constricted to Dec. 2 – Dec. 16 and Jan. 5 – Feb. 10. However, if you’ve got a long break from school, or an itch to get out of town for a weekend of vacation after the labor of vacation with your family, this could be precisely the deal you’re looking for. Head to the site to book your tickets, but do it fast because as of the writing of this post they’re warning the site is being overwhelmed and performing slowly because of so much interest. [Book it]