In Saturday Night Live‘s popular “Haunted Elevator” sketch, Tom Hanks as David S Pumpkins left many viewers asking, “Wait… What?” and baffled but simultaneously amused. It’s actually sort of appropriate, since he asks, “Any questions?” at the end of his weird dance performances accompanied by two skeletons who moan like porn stars.

But the skit was so weird, in fact, that it inspired many Halloween enthusiasts this year. David S Pumpkins were everywhere… Maybe even more David S Pumpkins than Jokers and Clark Kents combined.

We’re still unclear as to who David S Pumpkins is, and why we’re laughing anyway, but if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that these impersonators were (for the most part) spot-on. Will the real David S Pumpkins please stand up?

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David S Pumpkins drives a minivan. Who knew?

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Bringing new meaning to the term “smashing pumpkins.”

Come on, does this even count?

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We got nothin’ here, fuckin’ nailed it.

No costumes to see here. Just some damn fine carving.

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Recruiting your kid AND painting his face? That’s commitment!

Damn, these incredibly well-executed skeletons are just one pumpkins short of costume of the year.

For reference, here’s David S Pumpkins, himself: