I don’t think there is a company whose commercials are more outrageously promising than AIG. They have been flooding the airwaves for the past two years, but whether they’re featuring young, erudite grade schoolers showing surprisingly justified concern for financial planning, or some babies laughing their asses off at simple things, they all follow the same theme — ‘Don’t worry AIG is the strongest, most stable company on the planet.’

After narrowly avoiding filing for bankruptcy last night by getting an $85 billion emergency bailout loan from the government, that claim seems to be a little shaky.

Here’s a list of our favorite AIG commercials that seem funny in hindsight now:

1.) This kid was right to be worried! Upon hearing his parents had AIG, he should have given them a clear and distinct ‘We’re screwed!’. Can we make him the new CFO or something?

2.) If only a baby’s laughter could also erase risky credit gambles, then we’d be so perfect right now. Things that will take away years from your life: Needing an emergency $85 billion loan from the government, watching grown men cry.

3.) Not really sure what is being said in this commercial besides ‘Lady AIG’. But seriously, why is there even a lady AIG? Maybe it would have been a lot more financially prudent than ‘Stupid and Manly AIG’.

4.) The ‘My parents are with AIG’ statement should have been met with a resounding boo, an atomic wedgie, and cartons of milk poured over his head.

5.) Here’s a helpful analogy: Bar karaoke is to legitimate singing as AIG is to sound financial practices.

6.) From Around the World, Indian AIG: A little kid saves up and gives all his money to his father to invest. I hope that Dad wasn’t highly leveraged in mortgages too.

7.) The dog: "Did you hear about AIG?! Get rid of that shit, they are a mess! Why can’t you understand me, woman?!"

8.) This one takes the cake. Little girl is concerned her Dad is looking for good ‘risk management solutions’. Not really sure AIG was the best ‘bet’ on that one.