Usually when somebody says “Sci-Fi“, images of nerds and geeks wearing thick rimmed glasses flow through your mind. But if you turn on one of the many Sci-Fi television shows on TV today, you’ll see that they’re full of beautiful, badass women! Take a look at 9 of our favorite badass and beautiful Sci-Fi women of all time.

Olivia Dunham in “Fringe”


Olivia Dunham is played by the gorgeous, tall, blonde Anna Torv. This badass Sci-Fi woman is actually an FBI agent working with a ‘mad scientist’ on strange fringe science crimes going on the world. When she gets a hold of a case, she does not rest until she solves it, sometimes even putting her own life in danger!

Kate in “Lost”


After their plane crashed, Evangeline Lilly found herself to be one of the 48 survivors on a mysterious island. Kate had an extremely troubled past, and was being escorted back to the United States by an air marshal. After the plane crashed she practically got a chance at a new life. We love her because even though she’s on an island in the middle of nowhere she stays strong and learns to roll with the punches.

Alisha Bailey in “Misfits”


The stunning Antonia Thomas plays Alisha Thomas in Sci-Fi television show “Misfits.” After discovering her and her fellow juvenile delinquents have obtained powers after a freak storm, Alisha is shocked to find out she has the power to make anybody want to have sex with her by touching her. Craving human affection, Alisha decides to exploit this power and has her fun with it before finally getting bored. Did we mention that she is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful?

Dana Scully in “The X Files”


 Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is a doctor recruited by the FBI to help them work on supernatural cases. This smart, badass redhead does whatever she can to get to the truth– which even resulted in her getting abducted by aliens once! But, shes so badass she bounced right back after such a terrifying ordeal.

Bo in “Lost Girl”


Bo, played by the gorgeous Anna Silk is a type of fairy, classified as a “succubus” by an underground world of “fae” because she sucks the sexual chi out of people’s mouths and feeds on it. She also works as a private investigator for strange Sci-Fi fae related crimes, helping the weak and defenseless. She is one badass woman, always looking out for others.

Queen Sophie Anne in “True Blood


Evan Rachel Wood plays bi-sexual Queen Sophie Anne of Louisiana in popular vampire drama “True Blood”. She is quite unforgiving, but treats her “human pets” with affection and care. Her blood sucking fangs might creep us out at times but she is just so sexy sitting up on her throne we can’t help but to stare in awe. Evan Rachel is definitely one of the most bad-ass Sci-Fi women out there.

Ali Larter in “Heroes”


Another badass woman from “Heroes” is Ali Larter, who plays Nikki Sanders and her evil split personality Jessica Sanders. She struggles to keep food on the table for her son Micah despite often being possessed by her split personality with super strength and a horrible temper, Jessica Sanders. However strong Jessica gets, Niki fights back and tries to take back control of her body.

Sookie in “True Blood”


Sookie (Anna Paquin) plays a small town waitress who falls in love with a vampire. Instead of shunning him on the first sight she is intrigued and approaches him full of questions. Shes a sweetheart with a big soft spot for all creatures. Sookie always stands up for what she believes in, making her one of the hottest badass Sci-Fi women out there!