Anderson Cooper

Growing old is a scary process, which has many dramas that you will confront along the way. You gain more weight, your appearance becomes more and more unkempt and your hair turns grey, and eventually begins to fall out. However there are a group of celebrities who have managed to age in a graceful manner and here’s a distinctive list of eight celebrity men with grey hair who still look good. They may even embarrass you in the process, especially when you realize that these men are older than you.

Jon Stewart Comedian Quotes

Jon Stewart. Quite possibly the funniest man on American television, Stewart has started to show grey tinges across his hair in recent years as the stresses of political discourse have started to take their toil on him. 

George Clooney Best White Male Actors

George Clooney. Perennially grey, Clooney has always seemed to be older than his age. But even as the years have caught up with him his natural beauty has been maintained. As an actor, director and all round lovely man, he is regarded by many as the icon of our generation. Perfect bastard!

Morgan Freeman awsome.jpg

Morgan Freeman. The elder statesman of the film industry, Freeman’s notoriety was achieved quite late in his career. So it’s impossible to imagine him without his grey hair and beard combo, which gives the actor his trademark look of quiet dignity and sophistication.

Most Famous Hollywood Actors Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood. The coolest man in cinema in the early 1970s, years later Eastwood reclaimed his on-crown popularity, despite a head of grey hair. Eastwood’s performances in “Million Dollar Baby” and “Gran Torino” have shown that he looks as good as anyone, despite his age.

Ben stiller

Ben Stiller. Stiller has managed to slowly manifest his hair color without many people noticing the transformation. His role in “Greenberg” showed a much more mature side to his acting arsenal.

richard gere

Richard Gere.Richard Gere probably used to have a natural hair color, but the general public will always remember him as a silver fox who fell in love with a prostitute in “Pretty Woman.”

michael douglas

Michael Douglas. A former sex addict, Douglas managed to seduce Catherine Zeta Jones despite a monstrous age gap of 25 years. Rumor has it this grey haired star won the Welsh beauty with the line “I want to father your children.” A heroic if arrogant proclamation.

Jon Slattery

John Slattery. As Roger Sterling in AMC’s “Mad Men” Slattery has managed to seduce a plethora of buxom beauty’s and due to his sustained good looks, he hasn’t looked out of place in doing so, even with that head of grey hair.