There is such a thing as “fash-ageddon” and these eight celebrity styles prove it. Some celebrity styles just have no place outside of personal taste—and “Us Weekly.” What is the worst celebrity style risk that you should not copy? Let’s observe!


Russell Brand. Looks like Russell has been given up on his fashion sense as he gives his leg warmers a pull over the knees of his ridiculous jodhpur pajama pants. But that’s not the worst of Russell. The flowing scarf around his neck and the burnout tee call attention to his hippie-dippy beaded necklace. Brand a guru? We think not. Nor should you.



Ashton Kutcher blocks good style behind a knitted cap. Knitted hats or caps attempting “dressy” just do not fit no matter how you fancy you try to make them. Kutcher‘s cool suit is completely killed by the horrible hobo hat. Kutcher, you are not Johnny Depp and you never will be. Fellas, please don’t try this at home.


Robert Downey Jr. lives a fashion suicide moment. Robert Downey Jr. often has great style, but not with this fashion mistake—the only way that jacket could be worse is if he wore a green velvet shirt to match that out of place collar. The glasses and v-neck are cool and separately, they work great. Together with that coat and necklace…a fashion mistake. No man other than Hugh Hefner should attempt to wear even the smallest amount of brocade or velvet.



John Travolta’s bald, bold and plenty full. The only problem with this particular Travolta style is the neckware! A man-scarf around the neck just appears too delicate for a baldy—looks like he might be wanted to hide something even worse. But it couldn’t possibly be the giant chain necklace, because it’s out there and thick enough to wrap around tires in a blizzard.


Axl Rose’s braids. Braids look good on many people; this does not include middle-aged, white men. Combine those awful locks with badly dyed red eyebrows, and it’s a no-go situation. This style, plus the too shiny forehead, does not rock anything other than Botox rumors. White dudes, stay far away from braids. Far, far away!



The Phoenix has landed! Joaquin Phoenix has been up and down in the public approval arena due to his weirdness, and even though he’s back on top, his beard isn’t doing him any favors. Bad style surfaces when a man is confused by his own personal appearance. And in Joaquin’s case, he definitely seems confused. Though it doesn’t really matter what he has on below the neck, because all we’re doing is staring at that homeless-man beard.



Mark Zuckerberg’s tight tee doesn’t pump up his appeal! Sure, it’s a trick men try. Wear a tight long sleeved tee and viola, instant muscles. Problem? When you’re a computer nerd who lifts nothing heavier than your mouse, the muscles aren’t just not there, they’ve practically collapsed on themselves. With the money Zuckerberg makes, he could afford to actually work out. The other problem? Women are keen to this trick which makes you look silly in the end, Adam Ant.



Robert Blake’s style bites the bullet. Someone call the fashion police! Blake is on the move with one of the most hideous hats known to man to match his sleeveless shirt. A double no-no celebrity style, as this star takes the cowboy look over the edge of the canyon. Just a bad choice all around.