The peso is often criticized as being an internationally weak currency. Many countries all over the world use a form of ‘the peso’ as their unit of currency, each holding its own value and exchange rate compared to the American dollar. And, quite coincidentally as it turns out, some of the world’s hottest women use these cute little bank notes in their home country.

Here at WallStreetFighter we are on a relentless pursuit for money and hot babes. So after doing some research and teaming up with our boys over at Chickipedia, we present to you the perfect unity of currency exchange rates and smoking hot chicks.

For further reading, additional pictures, and other random info the numbered links above the hotties will direct you to each fine lady’s Chickipedia page, the best source on the internet for hot chick info.

Without further ado here are the world’s weakest pesos and the women who love them:

8.) Carolina Ardohain, Argentina

3.021 Argentine pesos (ARS) = 1 US Dollar

Here at the start of our list you’ll find the ‘strongest’ of the pesos. If you go down to Argentina with a shiny US greenback, you’ll only be able to trade it in for 3.02 Argentine pesos. This is usually a sign that the economy is doing relatively well there. It also looks like the television media is doing relatively well in Argentina, with this selected Argentine hottie, Carolina Ardohain dominating the airwaves.

Carolina hosts her own variety show in addition to being a well known supermodel. She was also dubbed the national soccer team’s ‘Godmother’ in their bid to win the 2002 World Cup. Hottest Godmother we’ve ever seen.

7.) Salma Hayek, Mexico

10.272 Mexican pesos (MXN) = 1 US Dollar

Mexico, our lovely neighbor to the South, has struggled with a weak peso for decades, but it is relatively strong compared to some other pesos on this list. And so it sits way up here at #7. Who better to represent ‘America’s beard‘ (Mexico), than the muy caliente Salma Hayek. Just saying her name makes our lives that much sexier.

Salma has been in tons of movies and you may also recognize her as being one of the hottest women on the planet. She’s also been getting a lot of attention lately for her pregnancy boobs, which are quite impressive.

6.) Vida Guerra, Cuba

23.148 Cuban pesos (CUP) = 1 US Dollar

Cuba gets a bad rap in the United States. Not sure if it’s because of that missile crisis, or the communism thing, or because of Fidel Castro falling off that stage. Either way, everyone loves their forbidden cigars and their beautiful women. The Cuban peso situation is a little strange. They actually have two pesos, the standard Cuban peso and the Cuban convertible peso. It seems kind of bizarre to us, but Cubans use separate currencies at different stores. Groceries get convertible pesos while other shops use standard pesos. Strange.

Anyway, let’s not forget about Cuba’s #1 export to the United States, Vida Guerra. You may recognize her from the Chapelle’s Show sketch where Dave satirizes R. Kelly with an ‘I Wanna Piss On You’ song. Yup, that’s right- smokin’ hot Vida got ‘pissed on’. She’s also graced the covers of Maxim, FHM, and Playboy. But like every celebrity in the modern age, somehow private naked pictures of her were leaked onto the internet when her cell phone was hacked. Doesn’t the internet suck?

5.) Natalia Oreiro, Uruguay

19.827 Uruguayan pesos (UYU) = 1 US Dollar

This Uruguayan peso note looks like a pink ripoff of our American dollar bill. Is that 10th president of the USA, John Tyler, they put on their 100 peso note?

I am willing to forgive these Uruguayan transgressions for offering us the chance to see Natalia Oreiro. Natalia is a model and Latin Grammy nominated singer from Uruguay who has been in commercials and magazines since the age of 12. She was the face of several Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Johnson & Johnson ads in her youth. Seeing her now really makes me hate all those polar bear and artistic bubbly coke ads we have here in America. Is there a shortage of hot babes in the US to feature in soda ads?

4.) Dania Ramirez, Dominican Republic

34.609 Dominican Republic pesos (DOP) = 1 US Dollar

Not too far east from our Cuban neighbors, lie the lovely islands of the Dominican Republic. As we get closer to the #1 spot on our list, you’ll see how far the American dollar translates into these local pesos. In the Dominican Republic you could probably live like a king for a weekend for the same price as a tank of gas in the US. You’ve gotta love those currency exchange rates.

The Dominican Republic’s own Dania Ramirez seems to have hit it big stateside with her recurring role in NBC’s Heroes (which better come back on the air soon). If you’re a bunch of nerds like us you’ll recognize her as the girl who kills everyone in the immediate vicinity with her bizarre super power of bleeding some black chocolaty substance out of her eyes. So delicious.

3.) Christine Mendoza, Philippines

44.631 Philippine pesos (PHP) = 1 US Dollar

The Philippines, the only Asian country to make our list, does not pronounce their peso the same as most. And although it sounds more like “pee-so” rather than the traditional “pay-so”, they can’t fool us into thinking it should be valued any higher.

The islands of the Philippines might be best known for showing us that large groups of men in prison can do ‘Thriller’ pretty well. But we’re equally impressed with Christine Mendoza. Even though her family moved her to California when she was young, she still speaks her native Tagalog fluently. And thank god for the “Import Tuner” auto magazine talent scout who saw her at a local car show and signed her up to a lifetime of public hotness. Give that man a medal.

2.) Leonor Varela, Chile

509.820 Chilean pesos (CLP) = 1 US Dollar

We could make lame jokes all day about the irony of incredibly hot women coming from a country whose very name is a homophone for cold, but we’re classier than that. We can’t overlook the 509 Chilean pesos you would get with each American dollar though. Keep in mind that doesn’t speak to ‘the buying power’ of that dollar, but needless to say it must get annoying carrying around 5,000 dollar bills to pay for small items. How do they keep track of all those zeros?

You’ve probably seen this Chilean beauty on the big screen in her role in Blade II. You were one of the handful of people that saw Blade II, right? If not, maybe you’ve seen the beautiful Leonor Varela on the Stargate TV series? Wow, I’m really not impressed with her acting experience, I’m sorry. But she is definitely hot, so hopefully she’ll start making barrel loads of Chilean pesos when she lands that big role. 4 wheelbarrows full of pesos should be enough to buy something nice in Chile, right?

1.) Catalina Sandino Moreno, Colombia

1,772.620 Colombian pesos (COP) = 1 US Dollar

Congratulations to Colombia for having both the weakest peso and some of the hottest women! Hooray! I’m sure they prefer that arrangement to what they’ve got in England – women with horrible accents, screwed up teeth, and a strong currency (the pound).

Colombia, despite its incredibly weak peso, has a plethora of hotness radiating from its gene pool. The land that gave us Shakira (who ranked #2 on our Highest Earning Hotties list) has also graced us with Catalina Sandino Moreno. She is an actress nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the 2004 film Maria Full of Grace. And although it appears that she’s dating or hooking up with ‘lame-as-hell’ Wilmer Valderrama, she’s still pretty hot in our book.

Hope you enjoyed the list, please let us know in the comments section if there is anyone we left out. And with that, we say peace out to the peso.

All currency exchange rates calculated as of June 26, 2008.