Bored this weekend? Tired of the same old bars? There’s a good chance your town has a cool tour you and your crew can take to acquaint yourself with the reasons you fell in love with it in the first place. Here are just a few examples of fun stuff going on in cities across the country. You likely have similar action right at home or nearby, so sign up today. At the very least, it’ll freshen up your Instagram posts.

1. DC: Segway Tours

Channel your inner G.O.B. by hopping on one of the least dignified forms of transportation known to man. Our nation’s capital has a really cool Segway Tour that allows you to see basically everything the National Mall has to offer in less time than it takes on a bike or even in a car. Bring a date and enjoy a little public humiliation together. Next time your mom calls and asks if you’ve seen this or that monument, you’ll finally be able to answer in the affirmative.

2. Boston: Duck Tours

Long before the Sox, Pats and Celts adopted it, “Dirty Water” blared from these boat/bus combos that actually quack. The Duck Tours are as Boston as baked beans and Bill Belichick semi-sleeve hoodies. Tours leave from the New England Aquarium, the Prudential Center and the Museum of Science, so you can take in one of Boston’s other biggest attractions before seeing the Hub from land and sea alike.

3. New York: Kenny Kramer Reality Tours

Remember Seinfeld? Of course you do, you still watch it at least three times a day. As you may know, most of the main characters are based on real people that Jerry Seinfeld knew at one point or another. This includes Kramer, based on New York actor and power weirdo Kenny Kramer. The episode where Cosmo Kramer starts giving tours of the city? That’s based on a real thing. You can book a seat on the Kenny Kramer Reality Tour by emailing the man directly. Get a certain skewed perspective on the real story behind Seinfeld.

4. Chicago: Architecture Tours

Nelson Algren, author of Walk on the Wild Side and The Man With the Golden Arm, once said that loving Chicago was like loving a woman with a broken nose. If true, broken-nosed women must live in pretty sweet apartments. Chicago is the great 20th Century American city, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation provides tours by boat, foot, bus, L, bike and Segway. No matter how you like to travel, you can get a history lesson about the downtown area or check out the skyscrapers that made the Windy City famous.

5. Denver: Brews Cruises

The Mile High City is known for having a robust craft brewery scene (think Breckenridge, Renegade, Wit’s End…). The Denver Brews Cruise has spent years establishing relationships with local operations so that you can get the confidential story others won’t. Best of all, they have discounts for Denver locals. This is the perfect option for a beer-obsessed date or even a great way to spend a weekend night with the boys.

6. Los Angeles: Dearly Departed Tours

Sure, you can just walk down the Boulevard or cruise out to the studios, but there’s a much darker side to LA that makes it what it is. Dearly Departed Tours has the market cornered on that gritty underbelly. Get the inside scoop on the Manson Family with the Helter Skelter Tour or see where celebs like John Belushi and River Phoenix died (and where Hugh Grant and George Michael got busted) on the Tragical History Tour. Lighter note: they also offer a movie locations tour that includes flicks like Terminator, Swingers and Get Him to the Greek.

7. Portland: Pedal Bike Tours

When it comes to municipalities with vibrant bike cultures, PDX pretty much tops the list. Pedal Bike Tours will show you all that the Rip City has to offer from the seat of one of their two-wheelers. Whether you want to learn about some historical trivia, eat at some of the famous food carts or get the lowdown on the volcanoes (some active) that surround the town, the best way to do it is with a bit of wind whipping through your hair.

8. Seattle: Bill Speidel’s Underground Tours

Did you know there’s literally a city under the city of Seattle? Back in the day, Shanghai wasn’t just where your friends went to teach English after college; it meant getting drugged and taken out to sea, where you would act as slave labor for the Chinese. Seattle was one of the main places this happened. Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour will take you through the catacombs underneath Jet City. You’ll leave with a whole new perspective on gourmet coffee.