It’s officially summer, which means you can finally move your workouts from the cramped, dingy gym to the great outdoors.

Summer makes working out so much easier—a run on the beach can replace your treadmill routine, and you can retire your stationary bike for your mountain bike.

So, whether you’re trying to shed some winter pounds (hibernation is real), or just looking to stay fit, we’ve rounded up an awesome collection of athletic gear.

1. R.A.D. Short Sleeve (Lululemon, $68)

Made out of mesh fabric, the tee is sweat-wicking so you won’t have to deal with those awkward pit stains after a morning run. Also, it has special Silverescent® technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, which means you smell fresh all day. The shirt also boasts reflective details on the hem to help cars see you after sundown, which is always a good thing.

2. Surge Pant (Lululemon, $108)

Every guy needs a pair of tapered sweats, and these are a great choice because they’re comfortable and functional. The pants are made out of Luon® fabric that allows four-way stretch mobility, and the side seams are curved away from your ankle bone for extra comfort. You can put your phone and essentials in your back-zipper pocket, which means your hands will be free for your workout.

The Citrus Zinger Sport (Zing Anything, $18)
This water bottle has a built-in citrus press that means you can bring any citrus water with you on your workout. You can squeeze lemons, limes, tangerines, clementines, you name it, into your water for a refreshing, hydrating beverage on the go. Not only will citrus water replace the sugar-filled sports beverage, but it is also rich in potassium and vitamin C, which acts as a natural energize, promotes weight loss, aids pain relief and boosts your immune system. Good stuff.

Suunto Spartan Ultra (Suunto, $700-$850)
Time doesn’t stop, and evidently neither does this watch. Waterproof for up to 100 meters underwater, the Spartan Ultra also sports a durable color touch screen that can be easily seen even in bright sunlight. It’s also great for training. It has a GPS and an accelerometer, and it measures your heart rate. So you can basically go anywhere and do anything with this watch.

Primal Kettlebells (Onnit, $85)
We don’t need to tell you these kettlebells are sick. Bring these Primal Bells to the gym and intimidate the guy benching next to you. The bells feature different primates’ faces, and, with each different animal, the bells increase in weight by half a “pood,” which was the original Russian measurements for kettlebells.

M’s Up Jacket (TREW, $119)
If you’re a die-hard workout fanatic, you need this jacket. It’s made of super-light, nylon rip-stop fabric so that you’re not weighed down on your run or hike and that it won’t tear while you wear. It condenses to the size of a beer can, making it easy to pack, and it blocks wind and repels rain so it’s good for all weather conditions. Plus, the tie-dye is pretty sick—and unique in each jacket.

Kane Airflow Tee (MPG, $32)
This tee is great if you’re going for the athleisure look—you know, when you want to wear your workout clothes around during the day, but also look good. The vertical chest-zip offers a unique spin on the classic shirt pocket while also providing a useful place to put your phone.

BugsAway Lumos Hoody (Exofficio, $65)
If you come back from your evening workouts covered in bites, look no further than this hoody. It features insect shield technology to keep you protected from everything from ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.