November is here, and you know what that means, gents. That’s right—Movember is also here.

Since it’s birth in 2003, the Movember Foundation—capitalizing on man’s desire for a noble excuse to grow facial hair—has raised $650 million to fight prostate and testicular cancer and support men’s health.

And regardless of whether you’re growing a ’stache for the month or rocking one year-round, grooming is important, as literally every woman will tell you. The following wax options and accessories should help.

movember1. Man’s Face Stuff ($10)
Who needs a fancy name when your product is so awesome? Portland, Oregon-based Man’s Face Stuff offers tins full of moustache waxes in scents like “Stiff Breeze,” “All Nighter” and “Wood Shop.”

movember22. Firehouse Moustache Wax ($9)
Made by a firefighter in Mississippi (hence the name), Firehouse has three waxes on offer, but our favorite is the super-strong Wacky Tacky.

movember33. Tree Ranger Mustache Wax ($7)
Packaged in a travel-friendly tube, Beardbrand’s Tree Ranger Mustache Wax is made out of beeswax, jojoba oil (which is fun to say) and lanolin.

movember44. Bixby Carson Moustache Comb ($16)
No, it’s not fussy to carry around a tiny comb just for your moustache. Okay, maybe it’s a little fussy. But what a conversation piece!

movember55. Face of Danger Aftershave Elixir ($16)
In the grand scheme of facial hair, moustaches take the most amount of upkeep. You gotta shave around that sucker. A lot. And when you’re done, an amazingly named, skin-restoring aftershave is your best bet.

movember66. Kustom Kreeps Kreepstache Wax ($14)
There’s always going to be a contingent of people who think your moustache is creepy. Don’t let ’em get you down. Instead, use this Kreepstache Wax with pride.

movember77. Portland General Store Face Bomb ($28)
Your girlfriend isn’t the only one who can give herself an at-home facial. Pick up a tub of this Face Bomb and give it a whirl—natural mud, clay, and finely-ground walnut shells will clean out your pores, your ’stache, and everything else that’s affixed itself to your face.

movember88. Uppercut Deluxe Mo Wax ($12)
An Australian brand created by two barbers, Uppercut Deluxe has a bunch of products on offer, but we like this Mo Wax, which is heavy on hold but light on scent and grease factor.