When it’s time to get away, you don’t want to bother checking a bag.  Just throw your clothes in your duffel and get out of town for a weekend.  The weekender is one of the best trips you can do and one of the must functional bags you can buy.  If you don’t have one that’ll last you a lifetime, and you fancy yourself a man of substance, you ought to be choosing one off this list to buy today.  Here’s 8 of our favorite weekender bags. 

Indiana Leather Adventure Duffel

This bag is made from 100% Scottish leather because his dad was Scottish (remember). It’s rugged exterior can withstand jumps from trains, blood-splatterings from soldiers hit by planes, and even a surly Scottish father. It costs $345 bucks, but it’ll last you a lifetime. It’s got a hard-bottom and a top, center-zip. It’s simple and functional – like shooting a guy trying to sword fight you. [Buy it

Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag

This is the bag that the LAPD and the U.S. Military use to haul around their weapons, bullets, and other justice-inducing items. You can use it’s Velcro and zipper-closable bags to haul slightly less deadly items, though. Thought it may be somewhat plain in appearance, if you’re looking for just straight functionality (like the cops), there’s not a cheaper, better option on this list or any other. Get it for just $20 in either green or khaki. [Buy it]

Moore & Giles Meehan Utility Bag

Designed specifically to haul your favorite whiskeys, the Moore and Giles Meehan Utility Bag was designed via a collaboration with the 75-year old Moore and Giles leather design company and renowned NY mixologist Jim Meehan. The interior can accommodate 6 large wine or spirit bottles, and has separate compartments for PDAs, card holders, a 15-inch laptop, and a cutting board. It’s a good bag for a weekend trip, but it’s a perfect bag for a boozy picnic. It’s a little pricy at $660, by style sometimes is. [Buy it]

Peasants & Travelers Doctor Bag

You don’t have to go to 8 years of school in order to rock this bag in style. It’s shaped like a traditional, old-timey doctor’s house call bag, but it’s made of woven polyester with a leather-trim opening. The stylish tabbed buckle closure keeps curious patients and baggage handlers from peaking in on your delicate prescriptions and instruments, while the dress-shirt lining and internal pockets allow for plenty of stylish storage. Get it for $150.00 from their site, now. [Buy it]

Temple WWII Bags

These bags weren’t actually in WWII. Well, that’s not actually true. Parts of them were. Temple bags are made from repurposed WWII goods such as other, older duffels, field blankets, and packs. They’ve got a few different flavors of bags – a laptop case, a medicine, bag, a backpack – but we suggest the Weekend Duffle Bag for $348. It’s worth noting that not every bag is like the one you see here – since they’re repurposed every single back is 100% unique, and will vary slightly from the product image. Make it uniquely yours. [Buy it]

Saddleback Overnight Bag

Dave from Saddleback Leather Co. says this about the overnight back, “It took me about 4 years, 8 cows, 14 tries and thousands of dollars to get it just right.” Poor cows. Worth it? Not to the cows, but definitely to us. This is one of our favorite overnight bags – it’s waterproof, it’s old school, it smells like Indiana Jones, and it gets better as you break it in. Which might take a while since every Saddleback Leather back has a 100 year warranty. Their motto: They’ll fight over it when you’re dead. Dubious, but true. Get it for $537. [Buy it]

Zuca Pro Suitcase

The Zuca Pro looks like it belongs on an arctic expedition with Nicholas Cage – like it will probably help you unearthy some mysterious Templar treasure, and also hold your shaving kit. What you’re looking at is an anodized aluminum exoskeleton designed to protect your precious valuables. It’ll fit in an overhead compartment, and inside, it’s got 5 color-coded drawer-like pouches to keep your ancient maps out of your toothpaste out of your polos (a notable problem until this point). It’ll set you back $285. [Buy it]

PA Series Luggage

We’d call this the Lamborghini of weekend bags if Lamborghini didn’t make crappy luggage already, and if Lamborghini cars drove themselves. Because that’s that the PA Series Luggage does. It uses flat motor technology that’s built into its wheels to “assist you when going up gradients or kerbs.” You know they’re serious because of the Euro way they spell kerbs. It also has an anti-gravity handle put 85% of the weigh over the wheels, not on your arm, TSA recognized combo locks, a Live Locator ID, and even a built in umbrella. All for just $600. [Buy it]