These reporters are so hot they could melt snowmen. Undeniably, they offer new information like no other on television. Who are these delightful reporters? From cute to brute, and all between, any live mistake goes totally unnoticed with these ladies. The viewers are too engulfed in great looks and smooth casting.


Robin Meade of HLN’s the Morning Express. If the laughter doesn’t grab you then her flawless body will. Most viewers can’t deny that Robin Meade’s “good morning sunshine” has a nice ring to it. Her perfect hairstyle maintains as the sexy news anchor informs and delivers.


Erin Andrews of Fox Sports. It’s not easy for men to watch the latest sports news with this diversion. And if you ask a guy who his favorite hot reporter is, he’ll be considering this one!


Jill Arrington of Fox Sports. Arrington ignited a career sparked by ESPN college football where she was a sideline reporter. What a difference football makes. All you have to do is complete a simple internet search on Arrington. The picture perfect model/sportscaster.


Richelle Carey of HLN. Carey is not only informative, she’s cute as buttons. Speaking as if you both are sitting at a table holding a conversation, Carey takes audience participation to the next level—social media. That welcoming attitude makes Richelle very popular with her viewers.


Rachel Nichols of CNN/Turner Sports. This red turns heads but it’s not all about the hair color. The girl next door has grown up and now works for Turner Sports. Guys will admit, that’s pretty hot! But don’t expect them to admit that to their woman or it is on!


Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Kelly delights, period. The errors of silly low-grade mistakes happens yet Kelly pulls it off, gracefully with a sexual undertone. A compliment to Kelly. Most women wish they possessed such beauty.


Giuliana Rancic of E!News. Here is a woman who could pull out some straight-shooting skills on last minute’s notice. Having a classic California tan can only compliment any while dress. Can’t leave out the retired man’s delights like Barbara “Waa Waa” Walters. That’s one way to get a virtual cold shower.