The Week Two games are in the books, and once again it’s time to snatch up players on the rise and drop underperformers. Doing so successfully throughout the season is critical to winning your league. With that in mind, we at suggest four guys worth adding, one worth waiting on and three you should drop like your electronic cigarette habit. (That blue light is just so tacky.)

Yes, Philip Rivers still throws like he’s heaving a shot put. But it’s working.


Eddie Royal, WR, San Diego Chargers
In fantasy football, once is an event. Twice is a pattern. NFL players rarely become something they haven’t been and Royal’s Week One performance felt a bit like an aberration. Sunday’s performance put that feeling to rest. He’s a legit weapon in an offense which doesn’t have a ton of weapons and it’s not unreasonable to expect Royal to have continued success. TDs are elusive so don’t be surprised if they drop off, but he’s still a viable player.

Nick Foles, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
This is a sneaky move for guys with a roster spot to burn. I love Mike Vick and the Eagles offense. But unless Vick learns to slide (he won’t), he isn’t long for this system. Vick wants to run as often as Terrelle Pryor, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. Except Vick’s old enough to be their grandfather. Everyone thinks Chip Kelly’s system needs a running QB. Not true. Kelly’s system needs a smart quarterback that can push the tempo and Foles can do that if/when Vick is hurt.

Philip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers
Yes, he still throws like he’s heaving a shot put. But it’s working. Through two games, Rivers looks like he’s turned back the clock, playing with more confidence and connecting with a patched-together WR corps and ancient TE Antonio Gates. With a running game just barely good enough to keep defenses honest but not good enough for the offense to lean on, the future looks bright for SD’s passing game.

Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots
If the Gronkowski owner in your league is tired of not having the TE available, now may be the time to make a move for him. Early reports had Gronk’s chances of playing this week at “50-50,” but the word Tuesday afternoon is that he’s leaning more toward “doubtful” status for Week 3. That could be the last straw for the Gronk owner who’s now ready to deal. Take advantage of him.

Ladies and gentleman, your 2013 New York Turnovers!


Trent Richardson, RB, Cleveland Browns
Don’t panic just yet. The Browns are not a good football team. But we knew that. Richardson is still the player we thought he was, and we still love his situation and lack of RB competitors. Stay the course.


Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman, RBs, Denver Broncos
We hoped for clarity in the murky Denver running back situation and Knowshon Moreno’s provided it. At least for now. Ball very well may be utilized more later in the year as the Broncos look to be a team destined for a deep drive into the playoffs. And Hillman will see spot duty here and there. But for now, this looks like Moreno’s job.

David Wilson, RB, New York Giants
Wilson is too good to drop so you’re stuck with him. But right now he is losing carries to Brandon Jacobs. Let that sink in.

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