Blond actresses have been highlighting television shows for decades. When a blond Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery) took to the air on “Bewitched” during the 1960s followed by Jeannie (Barbara Eden) in “I Dream of Jeannie”, TV producers had the answer: if you want great ratings, make a hot blond the star of your program. Here’s a look at eight of the hottest blond actresses ever to appear on television.


Blake Lively

The star of “Gossip Girl“, Lively is a sensationally sexy woman with an incredible smile and a curvy body. Lively projects a very sexual and sensual image. All the beautiful blonds on this list are amazingly attractive, but Lively’s beautiful boobs and slim waist make it look like she’s built for great sex, and that’s what makes her hot.


Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried dear john soundtrack

She is a major motion picture star, but Seyfried and her big, beautiful blue eyes will make the rounds on TV as well. She played Sarah Henrickson on HBO‘s “Big Love”. Seyfried projects an innocence, but once you get past that, she seems totally wild and uninhibited. She has a stunning face and a sexy mouth.

January Jones

This spectacular blond is one of the stars of the hit TV series “Mad Men“. She plays red-hot Betty Draper, and she is incredibly sexy and appealing. Jones has thick and lush blond hair that gets your attention and a huge rack that keeps it. You would want to get lost in there. More than just her looks, Jones is smart, clever and funny. She has tons of sex appeal.

Leslie Mann

While she is probably better known for her roles in movies, Mann often takes guest or voice roles on series like “Freaks and Geeks”, “Modern Family” and “Allen Gregory” (voice). Mann often plays the hot older sister (as she did in “Knocked Up”), and she does it incredibly well. She is in superb physical condition: the definition of a MILF. Mann comes across as the woman who was the head cheerleader in high school who worked hard to make sure she has no fat on her body. She has great skin, lips, and she’s very appealing, especially when she’s cursing like a sailor.


Amanda Bynes

The adorable star of “The Amanda Show” has grown up to become an incredibly sexy and gorgeous woman. Bynes has that sweet and innocent look, but you know that underneath she is one very bad girl. She has a great smile, hypnotic eyes and an underrated body to go along with her blond hair. She became a star because she was a funny child actor, but she has turned into a hot adult.


Elizabeth Banks

Another top-level movie star, Banks has been in several television shows, including the NBC hit “30 Rock” where she plays Avery Jessup. Banks’ calling card is her sexy smile. She has long legs and a near-perfect body because she is a workout fanatic who keeps herself in top shape.Small waist plus big boobs is always a great combination.


Rachel McAdams

This super-hot Canadian can play the girl next door with expertise. She has become a major movie star (playing in “Wedding Crashers and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” among other films), but she has been on TV as well, including a role in the series “Slings and Arrows”. McAdams is an excellent combination of sexy and sweet. She has warm and welcoming eyes along with a great smile. She plays the kind of woman that most men dream about meeting and spending their life with. That’s what makes her so hot. She’s stunning to look at, but you know that she won’t turn into some nasty shrew that you’ll tire of quickly.


Hayden Panettiere

You almost feel guilty about putting Panettiere on a list like this because she appears to be so young, but she was born in 1989 and that makes her completely legal. Panettiere has a rather small frame, but she is incredibly powerful and strong for her size. She has a great smile, nearly perfect skin and a spectacular body. Her turn as Claire Bennet on “Heroes” helped make that program a big hit for NBC.