With the right person, the wrong place and enough money stashed away for bail, illegal places to have sex look more appealing. Sex in illegal locations is only half as interesting as getting busted by authorities. If you’re lucky (not to say that you would be) you may have the experience of your lifetime without being spotted. Check out eight of the most illegal places to have sex.


Sex in a cop car lands one behind bars. If caught doing it in a cop car, you might as well have sex in front of the judge. There is a good chance that a police officer would need that car, but the spacious area in the backseat doesn’t help this decision. Do you have illegal sex in that cop car? Depends on how long they stay in the doughnut shop.

Chicken Ranch A Legal Brothel in Nevada (1983).jpg

Brothel risk taker. Rural Nevada is the only U.S. location where a brothels are legal, but you’re not in Nevada, are you? In light of that reality, getting it on with a paid client is the definition of prostitution. A place where prostitutes dwell for services rendered is a brothel, or an illegal cathouse.


Cockpit disturbance? Having sex in a moving plane is illegal, but doing the pilot can be dangerous in a “mile high club” death climax. Your sex partner should not be juggling you and flight controls. Consider the passengers’ “cockpit disturbance” response. It is not safe, it is unwise, and it is illegal to have sex in a moving plane. Just ask Homeland Security.


When driving gets in the way of sex. Drivers should never engage in sexual activity while operating behind the wheel. It is not safe for drivers or passengers in all lanes. Having sex in a seatbelt is virtually impossible and reckless.  Plus, not wearing your seatbelt can get you pulled over.


Sex in the park. Family oriented parks are not considered prime locations to have sex. Having sex in nature is one thing, but being spotted by a family is bad timing. Being caught by the park ranger can be another story. Consider this when picturing you and your sex partner getting down and dirty in a park, no matter how tempting it may appear.


Hospital humping. It happens. Someone is having sex in a functioning hospital. A hospital quickie only takes minutes to maneuver, yet days to explain. Having sex with a patient in a functioning hospital is illegal. Wait until they recover and seek therapy.


Church sex, pray hard! Getting closer to God with sex on His own turf is illegal. Not just biblically-it is against the law to have sex in a church. Plus, with the loud chorus singing off-key, who could concentrate?


Get screwed twice at work. The workplace is, by far, one of the most illegal places to have sex-for you. You may find a willing sex partner and a pink slip on the same day because a boss would fire for less. Count your lucky stars if they do not contact authorities. Don’t even think about having sex at work, unless you enjoy getting screwed twice.