By all accounts, the Apple Watch promises to completely redefine what a timepiece can do.

For those who can’t wait to pull the trigger, the product will be available for pre-order beginning April 10th, with a drop date of April 24th. And it will be available in three editions: Sport ($349+), Collection ($549+) and Edition ($10,000+).

For those who need a little more convincing, the key thing to keep in mind is that this product doesn’t just replace what is currently on your wrist; it has the potential to render loads of other products useless. Here are just a few…

1. Fitness Tracker: The Apple Watch uses three separate metrics to keep track of your activity: caloric burn, exercise movement, and idle time. Sapphire lenses equipped with LED and infrared technology deliver results with unparalleled accuracy via one of Apple’s two Health Kit apps or a number of third party apps, such as Nike Plus.

2. Remote Control: It’s not only good for tracking your time spent at the gym. Sync to your Apple TV and other Apple products to use as a remote for the time spent on the couch. Just remember, it knows when you are binge-ing on House of Cards.

3. Credit Cards: Apple’s recently released NFC-based Apple Pay was also integrated into the Apple Watch. Pay securely for goods and services without even removing your wallet—or phone—from your pocket.

4. Smartphone: Take calls and read messages as well as listen to music and browse apps all from your wrist. You know how the iPhone replaces music players, cameras and so on? It just happened again. Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus.

5. Hotel Room Key: At some hotels, including the W, you can actually use it to check into your hotel room and unlock the door, completely bypassing the front desk.

6. Garage Door Opener: If a family member is locked out and you are at work or whatever, you can use the watch to remotely open the garage door and let them in.

7. Facetime: Sure, it’s great to smile at your true love. But now you can get your heart rate at a glance—and message out your beating pulse (relayed by vibration) to let her know she makes you tick.

8. Traditional Timepiece: Oh, and it tells time too! Colored leather, metal and sport bands add a personal touch, and you can further customize with a variety of faces from a classic chronograph to lunar cycles.  Come on, you know you want that two-tappin’ Mickey Mouse screen…