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Hey Mr. Softy, if you want those chicks to like you, add a little bad boy to your ingredients. It’s no secret that men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women go after bad boys. The pushovers, the guys that are too nice and the wimps get left in the dust. If you’re one of these guys, no doubt you’ve experienced a chick you’ve been interested in ride off into the sunset with a bad boy. Why is that? Here are eight reasons girls like bad boys.

He’s not a punk. Girls don’t like wimps. One of the most important characteristics of any bad boy is that “don’t take no crap” attitude. Bad boys display a sort of alpha male dominance. They have a presence that screams tough guy. It’s a major turn on and a big reason girls like bad guys.

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He’s a protector. This goes along with the whole idea of bad boys not being wimps. If a bad boy will kick someone’s ass for disrespecting him, imagine what he’ll do to preserve the honor of his lady? Well, that’s what she thinks. She believes that if she can catch a bad guy, he’ll be her knight in shining armor without all of the wimpy chick flick flare.

Excitement. Think about it this way. If you were a chick, would you rather hop on a bike and take it for a spin, or spend another boring night at home with a guy who’d make a better platonic friend than a lover? Exactly. Bad boys are exciting because you never really know what they’re going to do. Peering into the unknown can be alluring enough to make a woman chase after a bad guy.

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He’s different. Most women have the average guy pegged. He’s going to be nice to her, tell her she’s beautiful, maybe even spend a boat load on flowers and such. He’ll treat her like a princess… and she knows it. Boring. The reason why bad guys hold so much appeal is because every day is new with them. She won’t be able to tell if he’s coming or going. He’ll treat her great one minute and not have time for her the next. He’ll be her very own personal soap opera.

She’s rebelling. A woman that’s always led a rather cookie cutter life yearns for something different. Think about it. Every girl next door chick you’ve ever known as been caught up with a bad boy at some time during her otherwise dull, controlled life. A bad boy can be a gateway to a world women have only seen on TV.

A challenge. Bad boys usually don’t like being tied down. Good guys, however, are looking for that one girl to be with… or something similar to that holiday card crap. Getting a good guy is easy while getting a bad boy is work. It’s a challenge to her to get the bad guy to chill out. She wants to see if she has the proper womanly stuff to get him.

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Ego boost. Imagine how great she’d feel if she was the one to catch him? Nabbing a bad boy ain’t easy. They aren’t the settling down type. Every chick at some point wants a bad boy and wants to be the girl that catches him says a lot about the girl.

Reverse psychology. All other reasons aside, the reason why girls like bad boys is because bad boys have figured out the game. Bad boys used to be like you. They used to do the same stuff: buy flowers, ask her out on dates and get rejected. Somewhere down the line the bad boy figured out that the best way to catch women is to treat them the way they treated men… with little to no caring. Make her chase by not chasing. Make her wonder by not inquiring. Don’t waste your time worrying about her; let her worry about you. Reverse psychology.