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Move over Fido, it’s high time for the tailor to be a man’s new best friend. While the honor has long gone to the dog, a tailor can be just as much as a chick magnet and even more helpful when it comes to looking good in whatever you wear. His needle and thread can work magic for your image, and keep you and your belongings safe, to boot. Here are eight reasons why a tailor should be your new best friend.

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See the difference?

So you don’t look like a little kid. Nothing kills a professional, polished look quicker than wearing a suit that does not fit. The ill-fit is most apparent in the arm and trouser cuffs, which can hang down and make it appear as if you’re a little kid playing dress up in his dad’s closet. Please note little kids don’t usually get the job, the promotion, the apartment lease, or the hot date.


So you don’t look like a sloppy little kid. Oh, you’re so smart that you think you can avoid the above-mentioned “Little kid” thing by doing some quick, do-it-yourself tailoring to fix your over-sized cuffs, right? You may think taking masking tape to the insides of the cuffs will do the trick for making your suit or outfit fit. Sure, that might work for about five minutes, but it still does not properly align the creases, lining or hang of the fabric. It will be evident you tried tailor your outfit yourself, making you still look like a little kid playing dress up in his dad’s closet full of masking tape.

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So you don’t trip and fall. Pants that are too long not can make you look like a little kid, but they can also be hazardous to your health. The extra fabric can bunch beneath your feet, causing you to trip and fall, a move that is especially deadly if you opt to do it down a flight of stairs. Too-long pant cuffs also tend to drag dirt, debris and perhaps even a dead rat or two  along with you when you walk, which doesn’t go over well when you finally come indoors and mar up the carpet.

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So you don’t lose your buttons. Missing buttons may not be as tacky as missing front teeth, but they say a lot about the dude that’s missing them. They say he’s absentminded. He’s a slob. He doesn’t care about his appearance. He’s too cheap or too lazy to make friends with a tailor. You need a complete and polished look to be taken seriously, so find a tailor and make sure your buttons are properly fastened.

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So you don’t lose your wallet. Fixing ripped pockets is another job for your new best friend the tailor, and he’ll do the job right. Unlike the quick fix method of simply mending the pocket liner with a randomly placed safety pin, or just using a different pocket, the tailor will reinforce the ripped fabric or even sew in a new pocket lining. You now can once again carry around your wallet, your money clip and her phone number without worrying it will fall through to the street.

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So you don’t have an excuse to stay fat. Getting fat can be fun, especially if it comes with getting lazy. If you’ve been hauling around extra pounds long enough, your whole wardrobe could come from the husky department. In a sick, twisted faux-rationalization, you could use your wardrobe as an excuse as a reason not to lose weight. Your tailor will fix that one in a jiffy.

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So you don’t buy crap. A good tailor you frequent can end up as a fashion advisor of sorts. If the first words out of his mouth are, “I don’t work with such cheap fabric,” you’ll know you need to invest in some higher quality duds. Your tailor will also be able to give you tips on the types of styles that best suit your body. His suggestions can result in less hassle for him trying to match ill-fitting clothes to your physique and they also can mean more admiring stares from ladies who like a polished guy.