Breakfast in bed can be one of the most romantic ways to start you and your lover’s day, or it can result in a really big mess. Not only can a mess fall all over the expensive comforter, but it can mess up the rest of your day by creating a really crabby dame. Do it bad enough, and you’ll be sleeping on the couch for weeks. The keys to romantic breakfast in bed success include your timing, execution and choice of food and drink.


Pick your morning wisely. Monday at 9 a.m. won’t cut it, especially if your beloved had to be at work two hours ago. Pick a leisurely, relaxed morning where the only thing on the schedule is enjoying your romantic breakfast. You want to make sure there is plenty of time for that after-breakfast dessert, after all.


Serve dessert-like things. Dessert ideas that work for breakfast include anything with strawberries, cake or a waffle in it. An unconventional breakfast that beats out the banal bowl of bran can go a long way toward kicking off the day on a very sweet note. Besides, something sweet for your sweetie often comes with equally sweet rewards.


Have coffee at the ready. Unless you want your entire breakfast plan to start with plate-throwing, please brew coffee in advance. Give your love the caffeine she needs to open her eyes while she’s waiting for your scrumptious dish.


Ring in the new day with a cheer. Adding a bit of vodka to the orange juice can add a bit of classy delight to your sexy breakfast. Other options that can start her giggling include the Irish cream in her coffee or the breakfast Bloody Mary. If she doesn’t drink, you can still add pizzazz to a usually breakfast beverage with a dash of non-alcoholic vanilla extract or other fab flavoring.


Forget crummy foods. Serving food that crumbles, falls apart or otherwise leaves enough crumbs in the bed to feed an army of mice is decidedly not very sexy. No burnt toast. No crumbling muffins. No flaky granola.


Go light and tasty. Bombarding your gal’s stomach with greasy bacon, heavy syrup and mounds of thick pancakes is about as un-sexy as feeding an army of mice in your bed. It can leave her sluggish and with stomach cramps. Instead opt for fresh fruits, delicate whipped cream and healthy yet airy carb selections to give her an energy boost, if you know what we mean.


Serve it all with style. All romance will go out the window if you happen to drop her Belgian waffles on her lap. Instead serve up your brilliant breakfast on a sturdy breakfast tray or bedside table. Don’t forget the linen napkin and a single rose or other romantic token.


Set the stage. Before you wake up your love with your delicious surprise, set the mood and tone of the entire room. Light up a subtle incense or scented candles and put on some smooth breakfast tunes. This is after the coffee is already brewing, of course.