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Who said guys can’t be romantics? The truth is, a guy can be the most hopeless romantic around, even when the chick he’s swooning over isn’t quite worth it. How many times have you seen a buddy of yours fall head over heels for a woman that really didn’t treat him right? Maybe you’ve been the victim of IUS (Instant Unwarranted Sweating). Guys have a tendency to fixate on one or two superficial things about a girl and ignore the more substantial aspects of the girls behavior. They don’t give themselves enough time to get to know the girl. This can cause a guy to get caught up with a woman that really isn’t worth his time. Here are eight signs that a girl isn’t worth your time.

Girls Isn't Worth Your Time Mean Woman

A mean or malicious woman. This is how certain dictionaries define a rather choice word that starts with the letter B. If she falls into that category, you don’t need her. Pretty isn’t enough to put up with a crappy attitude, especially if you’ve put her on a pedestal. Lose her quick. She ain’t worth it.

Girl Isn't Worth Your Time Doesn't Like You

She doesn’t like you. It could be a matter of no attraction. You guys could be physically stuck on each other, but maybe she doesn’t like the real you. If this is the case, don’t waste your time trying to change yourself. Find someone more suited to deal with who you are. Because once that physical attraction fades, there’s nothing left.

Girls Isn't Worth Your Time Nothing in Common

Nothing in common. You don’t need to have everything in common with her, but you do need something that connects the two of you. If you guys can’t come together on anything, anything, then you need to part ways with her. It’s a wonder you hooked up with her in the first place. Could you imagine a first date involving two people with nothing in common? Watching paint dry would be more enjoyable.

Girl Isn't Worth Your Time Mind Games

Mind games. Ah yes, the vampire woman that likes to toy with your mind. She sucks the energy right out of you with her manipulative ways. If this chick is constantly trying to make you jealous, if she’s always giving you ultimatums, if she’s always trying to make you “prove” your love, do yourself a favor and drop her like stocks in the Nasdaq. Nothing you do will ever be good enough, so don’t waste your time.

Girl Isn't Worth Your Time Another Man

Another guy. Are you the unlucky soul that fell for the girl that had a man? If so, get over it quick and bounce out of that situation. Chicks like these are nothing but headaches. First of all, she’ll take all of her frustration about her man out on you. Secondly there’s no guarantee that she’ll leave that poor loser for you. Thirdly, you don’t want her to. If she can cheat on him, she’ll cheat on you.

Girl Isn't Worth Your Time Flaky

Flaky. The girl with frozen feet isn’t worth your time either. One day she loves you. The next day she doesn’t know. The third day she wants your babies. The fourth day she needs time away. Give it to her. Give her as much time away as she needs, and never come back. She’ll never know what she wants, and she’ll drag you through the mud while she “tries” to figure it out.

Girl Isn't Worth Your Time Clingy

The clingy girl. Somewhere in that pretty little head of hers is a scarred individual. Maybe she had a string of guys treat her like crap. Maybe her father was never around. What ever the case may be, now you’ve got to deal with it. She’s like a dying plant in need of constant watering. A leech. She can’t be happy without you around, and you’ll never be happy with her there.

Girl Isn't Worth Your Time ExGirlfriend

An ex. The biggest sign that she doesn’t belong with you is the fact that you tried it and failed once before. An ex is an ex for a reason. Keep it that way. There are a lot of women out there, don’t go backwards.