Being smaller or a little geeky doesn’t guarantee you won’t succeed at sports but the following 8 signs point you towards a slight lacking in athletic ability.

Nothing says “I don’t have a good jump shot” like the colorful “two bicycles and a helicopter” rainbow sweater that Aunt Susie made for you

Darth Vader costume = likely to be bad at sports
Violin= very likely to be bad at sports
Playing violin in a Darth Vader costume=guaranteed to be bad at sports

He has the height and size to do well but I have a feeling the only sport he would enjoy would be wrestling

Owning the Dungeons and Dragons dice doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you don’t have game but the fancy leather pouch does.

I’m sure this is the exact same setup Lance Armstrong uses

Killers don’t play sports. Especially killers who leave their fly open

I have a feeling Petey won’t be asked to play center field again

Weight Lifting=good for athletic prowess
Lifting until your arms are stuck in the “iron cross” position=bad

Inspired by this list

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