Knowing the signs and much-needed warnings to a failed proposal can save a guy time, energy and money. Don’t you wish you had a crystal ball to foresee the proposal future? Outside of the basic warning signs to correct your blindness in heading toward proposals from hell, here are eight red flags to consider.


Your girlfriend is wasted! She’s stoned drunk! Avoid proposing, even if you are near Vegas. Slurring after a couple of drinks, holding up the walls while walking sideways, or calling you someone else is a solid indication that your girlfriend is plastered. If she’s holding an empty bottle of Captain Morgan, there’s your sign! For the sake of memories, make sure you both can remember. Make sure neither one of you are drunk before proposing.

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Your girlfriend has a boyfriend. He’s always up in her biz and her house like a husband. He is the “other” friendly boy. If your girlfriend is too tied up with her other guy to make time for you, then you know what to do. Don’t propose, and then ask out one of her girlfriends.

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Sleeping on proposal. Before scheduling that special night make sure that your girlfriend is in the right state of mind (or close enough). Just like men, women need their sleep and energy. Once your girlfriend catches up on sleep, then propose. The sleep deprivation proposal is not the way to go.

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She’s having a bad day. When proposing overwhelms a stomach full of butterflies, throwing up is only a matter of time. Do not propose if you or your girlfriend are shaking like a leaf. Try to propose to someone having a bad day, and no one can promise a peaceful outcome. Propose on a good day to start on a good foot.


Religion theft. There are some religious chapters that try to enforce a changeover from one religion to the next when it comes to marriage, such as a non-Catholic bride-to-be taking Catholic classes prior to marrying the Catholic groom. This is the politics of religion. To lose one’s religion is easier said than done, and if your girlfriend tries to force you to convert to her religion against your will, there’s your sign not to propose!


Breaking the bank. If you find your bank account disappearing each time she works her magic, perhaps you should hold off on proposing to your girlfriend. She could have an underlying shopping addiction well hidden from you. But don’t jump the discount gun just yet. She may not be a daily shopper at all. A good indication of her shopping issue can be seen on your borrowed credit card, meaning that is what you financially have to look forward to if she says yes.

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Attorney or bill of trust? Trust can become an issue for those with attorneys present. Usually the attorney is a dead give away that your girlfriend could be loaded with cash or drowning in bills. Consider the aftermath of marrying someone else’s financial hardships. That’s what you sign up for-the joining of two-and in most states, the gathering is literal. An attorney present for little or no reason is a sure sign you shouldn’t propose to your girlfriend.

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Work related, proposal deflated. Work should always come first in the early stages of the proposal level. You have something big coming up. Your girlfriend’s career is about to take off. Step back and experience the good things to come before taking that huge leap in securing your future with her. Respect the job-related moment for what it is-a job-and take it down a notch on the proposal for a better fitted date.