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First dates are interviews. In essence, she’s checked out your resume, thinks you have potential, and is willing to give you a shot. The things you say, and the things you do are going to be carefully scrutinized between her and her advisors. Her advisors are, of course, her best buddies. You need to appear to be cool, calm, and collected. You also need to stay away from these eight terrible topics of conversation for a first date if you want to have a chance at follow up dates.

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Exes. Never bring up exes. If she brings them up, give her short and sweet answers. You do not want to harp over some chick that did you wrong months ago. It’ll make you seem like you aren’t over that other girl. Secondly, no new chick wants to be the shoulder to cry on over some old girl. Keep this crap to yourself.


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Why you hate your job. Don’t go on and on about how much your job sucks. First dates are a time to put your best foot forward. Negative Neds don’t mesh well with Positive Patties. If she asks you about your job, and you have nothing positive to say, spin it in the best light possible. Women don’t like guys that have rain clouds over their heads.



Your medical conditions. Leave all the negative crap out of a first date. She barely knows if she likes you at this point. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by giving her unwanted and unneeded information about you. Let her develop real feelings for you before you start throwing out the negative aspects of your existence. This includes medical history. She doesn’t need to know that cancer runs in your family just yet.

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Yourself… too much. You need to be gathering as much intel on her as you can. You can’t do that if you’re constantly running your mouth about yourself. Even if the stuff you’re saying is good, she doesn’t need your life’s history over the first meal. You’ll seem self centered. Make sure you get her talking. She’ll think you’re a good listener (even if you’re not listening). Women love good listeners.

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Family issues. To a lot of women, a man’s relationship with his family shows how he’ll be when he starts is own little family unit. If you don’t get along with your mom, or you absolutely hate your brothers and sister, keep it to yourself. A woman wants to know that you can care about people other than yourself. They use your relationship with your family as the basis. Plus, rambling about your family on the first date is, well, boring.

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Your possessions. Bragging is annoying no matter what the setting. A real woman isn’t going to care what kind of car you drive or how much money you make. At least not on the first date.If she asks, you can tell her of course. But, bragging is just a sign of some serious self esteem issues. Not to mention, if some chick you just met is caught up in what you have, she’s a gold digger and you need to drop her quick.

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Fights you’ve been in. Listen, no one cares bro. She certainly won’t. There’s other ways to show your protective side than outlining your education in the school of hard knocks. You’ll look brutish and immature if you brag about scars and black eyes.


How hot she is. Chances are, she knows she’s hot. A million and one men a day probably check her out. She doesn’t need you to get in line. Acknowledge that she looks nice. But don’t spill compliment after compliment on her. you may think you’re flattering her, but in essence you’re objectifying her. You’d do better by complimenting her brains or her goals.