As I left the trade show at McCormick Place I had no idea that the best advice I would get would be the guy at the shoe shine booth. Each day I passed him he belted out a few words of wisdom to help me succeed in life. Who knew the difference between success and failure is a clean pair of shoes. I know better know. I thought I would share with you the most memorable.

1. “You can’t make no deals with dirty heels”

2. “If your shoes got dirt, you can’t get no skirt”

3. “Your shoes need to shine if you hope to make a dime”

4. “You can’t be a million dollar man with shoes that look like ten dollars”

5. “I you want to make a buck , you better let me clean em up”

6. “I’ll get em so bright they’ll have to turn down the lights”

7. “Clean kicks get dirty chicks”

and the oh so true

8. ” They won’t buy no stuff if yo shoes is lookin’ rough”