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They say baby booms happen when the economy is tanking. Why is that? Well, if you’re not working, you might as well get some steady sex in your life. Some may ask, “well how’s a guy that can’t get a job supposed to get women?” Believe it or not, there are eight ways the recession is great for your love life. So, even though you may not have a job, you can still get plenty of “work” done, okay?


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More time. You won’t be spending 40-plus hours a week stuck in front of a computer screen, because you have no job. In between spending time looking for a new job, you can use that time to do some mingling. Sure, you can’t break the bank on account of the fact that you’re not making much money, but you’ll have plenty of time attend free events and meet plenty of women.


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Everybody’s broke. Misery loves company, right? Commiserating with other people about your struggles can make for some interesting conversations, and conversations can lead to dates. The best part is, you’re allowed to be cheap. Frugality is sexy when everyone is broke. Who would’ve though an extra value meal from your favorite fast food chain would be considered a great fine dining date?



Stressful times call for stress release. Nothing’s more stressful than not having money. The best stress reliever, hands down, is sex. Think of all those unlucky, broke, stressed out women that need some lovin‘ to temporarily forget their respective economic issues. There are countless women out there just looking for a good man to help them relive some tension. And after a long day of pounding the pavement, you probably could use some relief too!


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Deals. The little people aren’t the only one’s going through the crunch of having less money. Businesses are being hit too. What does this mean for you? Deals brother, lots and lots of deals. Hotels, restaurants, even movie theaters are cutting deals just to make some money. Some money is better than no money. If you play your cards right, you can have a superior date with pauper funds.


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More time to work out. If you aren’t working, you might as well get in shape. If you’ve been out of work for three, four, or six months, and you spent that time getting in shape, you’ll be physically more attractive to those of the fairer sex. It’ll boost your confidence, at least in some areas, and you’ll meet more ladies. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with getting healthy.


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Time to brush up on your social skills. You spent all your time with your nose buried in your training manuals at the job. Now, you can spend time reading pick up artist books, learning the Kama Sutra, or just learning how to say hello without tripping and making a fool of yourself. Good social skills will beat out a huge paycheck any day of the week, at least for a while.


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Boredom leads to action. When people aren’t working, following their dreams, or making money somehow, they’re having sex. It’s as if people regress back to their basic survival functions when the rest of the world goes on pause. Those being eating, sleeping, and reproducing. You may as well get in on the reproducing part. Well, at least, practicing the reproducing aspect.



Lowered expectations. The main reason so many more people have better love lives during a recession is that everyone’s expectations are severely lowered. Remember when you needed a job to get a girl? During a recession, women brag about dating a guy that’s lined up a few interviews. When gold diggers are taking pay cuts and accepting trips to the corner store instead of the Bahamas, any guy can get lucky. Step up your game, and date that supermodel you’ve been pining for!