EDITOR’S NOTE: Made Man is excited to introduce Lauren Schugar as our style expert. With more than 13 years of experience in the fashion industry, including wardrobe styling, prop styling, fashion merchandising and personal shopping, she can handle your questions on everything from headgear to footwear. Study up on her first three Q&As below, then send your own Qs here, with ASK LAUREN in the subject line. Happy dressing.

I feel like I’m starting to outgrow baseball caps. Can you suggest some hats that are a little classier without being affected or over the top? —Nick, Los Angeles

A: Not sure if anything is going to be as comfortable as your baseball cap, but here are three stylish transition hats to try out.

1. The newsboy (driver’s cap) style reminds me the most of a baseball cap in terms of fit while providing a bit more sophistication.

Rag & Bone Newsboy Cap, $115, rag-bone.com


2. A fedora can fit any occasion depending on the material. Casual: cotton, linen or even straw. Dressy: wool, wool/cotton blend or cashmere.

Brixton Gain, $52, brixton.com


3. A slouch beanie is like a skullcap beanie with a little more flair. Get one with a brim and you’ve got a warm and stylish substitute for a baseball cap.

The North Face Chunky Knit Visor Beanie, $25, thenorthface.com


Q: I’ve always felt that guys who wear scarves come off a little douchey. But it’s getting cold out. Any tips for picking a scarf that looks sharp and maintains my dignity? —Charles, Piscataway, New Jersey 

A: Be picky about the fabric and the cut. I say no to excessive fringe or tassels. You want good quality wool or cashmere to keep you warm. Once you feel more confident wearing a scarf, you can experiment with more colors, but for starters go basic with a solid classic color like navy, black, camel or charcoal grey. If a solid color is too boring, keep your plaid scarf in the same color family, and since it is January, steer clear of the Christmas-y red plaid prints.

1. Land’s End Men’s Cashmere Scarf, $50, landsend.com


2. John Varvatos Star USA Check Cashmere Scarf, $65, nordstrom.com


Q: I’m looking to upgrade to a cool analog wristwatch without spending a ton of dough. Where can I find one? —Rex, Cincinnati

A: Here are three great, reasonably priced options. Pick your poison.

1. Neff Bandit, $25, neffwatches.com


2. Flud The Moment, $85, fludwatches.com


3. Vestal Legionnaire, $105, vestalwatch.com