The art of being a great Wingman seems to be going the way of the dodo. In 2011, guys are much more worried about instant gratification… for themselves.There is no more “taking one for the team”. This way of thinking has left many guys high and dry on a Saturday night, floundering about trying to talk to women with their mean friends eye hawking. What was once considered easy prey, has become a formidable foe, all because YOU don’t want to be Wingmen. Guys need to rewind a bit, and take it back to a time when they did things to help others… in a bar or club setting. Here are eight ways you can be a better wingman.

Don’t be selfish. First rule of being a wingman is to cover your point man’s ass. This means allowing the guy that plays point to go after the girl he wants. Don’t compete with your point man over the same girl. It’s selfish. You’ll get a turn to play point, but not this time.

Know who to cover. Don’t worry about the other hot chicks in the group. They don’t need your attention. Other guys will handle that. You need to talk to the girl who’s getting ignored, or she’ll pull one of those “I wanna go home” tantrums and ruin your attack really quick. Keep her happy at all costs. Your buddy’s hook up depends on it.

wingman fat girl

The pull away. OK, so you don’t want to dance with her ummm less than attractive friend. Do it anyway. You need to get this hater as far away as possible from your buddy and his target. Put on your dancing shoes, stretch it out, and cut a rug.

Center of attention. Another veteran move is to juggle multiple targets while your buddy focuses on one. It may be out of your character, but, hey what are wingmen for? Yeah, you may need to dance with multiple hater friends, simultaneously, while telling jokes. The trick here is to monitor which friend looks like she’ll spoil your buddy’s approach, and cut her off. Multiple haters, multiple cut offs.

Don’t over power. You want to be like a secret agent here. You want to be cool enough to distract her friends, but not so awesome that your friend’s catch is drawn to you. If you see her gravitating towards you in any way, quickly use one of her friends to throw her off. Remember, the mission is for your buddy to score, not you.

Being flexible. Nights are long. There’s a chance that your dynamic duo will be approaching multiple groups of girls through the course of an evening. Remember to let your buddy run point, and back him up. Don’t, however, be right up under him. Once he scores, the wingman can explore his own interest. This means you can run back to that ummm less than attractive girl you met earlier in the night… secretly of course. Just be available if your buddy needs some help.

lonely wingman

Don’t Complain. Yeah, sometimes the wingman position is less than ideal. Maybe the girls you meet that night aren’t as hot as you’d like. Maybe they’re mean. But, a wingman doesn’t complain. A wingman is the facilitator of a great night of partying for his friends. Without the wingman, many guys with less than perfect social skills would never score. Take pride in your station for the evening. A wingman suits up, and he handles his business, because he realizes one very important fact about being a wingman….

…What goes around comes around. Next time you hit the streets, guess who has to back you up? They say Karma can be mean when it isn’t paid forward. Be a better wingman by realizing your buddies have to do the same for you at some point, making all the crap you went through tonight worth while.