It can take many years of experience to understand the vagaries of life. You make the right choice, and you learn. You make the wrong choice, and you learn. Everything you do gives you an opportunity to learn something and get a bit smarter. However, experience does not have to be your only teacher. You can talk with and seek out wise counsel on your life’s journey.  Here are eight wise people every man should ask for advice at least once.





Maybe it’s a priest, a rabbi or a monk, but you should ask a clergyman (or woman) for advice at least once in your life. There are many times in your life when you may have a question about right, wrong and morality. Sometimes it’s clear, and you just need to get pointed in the right direction. Other times it’s not so clear, and you need someone who can help you define your situation so you can make the correct decision. When you seek out a clergyman, they will probably feel honored that you made the effort and that you value their opinion. That may not make them right, but it should make them easy to talk to.




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You may not find this person on too many lists like this, but if you are the experimental type, you should seek out a chemist. If you like to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, you might as well find out how they impact your body and mind. The chemist can explain what happens when these substances enter your body, their impact and their long-term ramifications. Talking to the chemist is much better than getting second-hand information.




Everybody makes mistakes along the way, and sometimes those mistakes are repeated quite often. When you talk to a psychologist, you may have a better idea why behavior and thought patterns are repeated time and again. The psychologist may be able to offer you understanding of your thought patterns and how you can change them.

Master Chef

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You have to eat every day, so you might as well enjoy your food. A master chef not only has a slew of recipes, but he can also give you a good idea on which foods go best together and which ones should be avoided. You could also talk to a nutritionist to understand what foods are best for you, but the master chef likely understands that and can give you a plan to best prepare them.




The surgeon understands the inner workings of the human body and how to make repairs after injury. If you have any questions about human ailments, injuries and frailties, spend your time talking to a surgeon who understands how to make repairs, the rehab process and how to avoid serious injuries.


It’s best to avoid having to do business with a judge when your presence is requested by the police, the prosecutor or the state’s attorney. In those cases, the judge may recommend that you spend time in the penitentiary to alter your behavior. However, prior to having any issues with the law, you may be able to seek out a judge to give you information on the ins and outs of the law.


Sex Therapist



Who doesn’t have questions on some aspects of sex? You don’t have to pretend to be Don Juan if you’re not. Sex can be like any other part of life-you need education and experience. The sex therapist may be able to tell you a little bit more about your body, a woman’s body and how they respond together. Why keep on making the same mistakes? Put your embarrassment aside and find out how to get better at sex.



Politicians are often more known for their crimes and misdeeds than for the good things they do in society. But for every corrupt politician that makes the headlines and destroys the public trust, there are twenty who are in the field for the right reasons. Politicians want to serve the public, and they understand how society grows and changes. The best politicians look out for the weakest members of society and try to help them. This is quite admirable.