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Step outside of the box and pull out the stops with these unique nine gifts you can send your girlfriend instead of flowers. From delights to invites, you can’t strike out with these gift ideas. Flowers are fine, but if you want to really impress, go with any of these ideas!

tiffany diamond star necklace.jpg

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Sure, it’s pricey, but you’re trying to impress, right? From necklaces, earrings, even watches, diamonds are found everywhere these days. But if you want a great deal, try a local antique mart—it may sound like an even more expensive route than going to Tiffany, but you’ll be surprised at the deals you can get. Take the search online and see what you find. Make sure care about her enough before sending her diamonds, though. She could get the wrong idea.

che guevara bobblehead.jpg

Political gifts for the political girlfriend. Whether independent, democrat, republican, or revolutionary, each passing election can be more exciting than the last. If your girlfriend has a favorite in the political ring then send her a gift of support (for her choice). It may be the oddest of the nine gifts you can send your girlfriend instead of flowers, but if she’s a die-hard politico, you’ll score big points!

girly gift basket.JPG

Gift baskets of sorted ideas. Gift baskets of lingerie, body lotions, oils and/or fruits with a spread makes great gifts. Wrap it, box it, or bag it. Put a nice card inside to show her how much you care about her by writing it. She’ll think of you every time she looks at the thoughtful gift. Maybe she likes organic food? Put it in a basket. If she likes, and if it fits in a basket, go for it!

itunes valentines day gift cards.jpg

ITunes cards and/or other gift cards! A little impersonal, but who doesn’t love music? Especially if you go big and get her a $100 iTunes gift card. Most clothing and department stores offer gift cards as well‚ and there’s nary a woman alive who wouldn’t like some credit to shopping at her favorite store. If you really want to, you can double down and send flowers with your gift card.


vosages haute chocolate truffles.jpg

Chocolate gifts are sweeter than flowers. You can go with the box of chocolates, a candy dish full, or a candy heart. Diamond’s may be a girl’s best friend, but chocolate has to be a close second. And don’t miss out on the new “personalized M&M’s” thing going on. That personal touch can really put you over the top.

sephora makeup studio set.jpg

Women love make up kits! Don’t be afraid to explore the idea. Purchase the container at a department store then purchase whatever it takes to fill it. If you’re clueless, get the make-up girl to help you. Explain that you’re buying for your girlfriend and chances are she’ll be happy to help. Women like to be pretty, so helping out in that regard is definitely going to be a hit!

Prove life’s a beach! There’s more to the beach than summertime. Send her a beach package—for two. The package should include hotel accommodations and information, tickets to an event, and a dining invitation. Events could include a concert, an art show, a boat ride and tour, or to the aquarium. Once again, it’s a little pricey, but if you have the means a gift like this can really dazzle her!

couple swing dancing vintage.jpg

Dancing, spa, and steam room membership. Give her the gift of health. Make plans to join a dance hall with her and allow you both to become spoiled with a couple of spa and steam room visits. The triple combo will make all of the difference mentally and physically. Some fitness centers offer all three within one facility. The pampering of a proper spa day is something she won’t soon forget.

 Man and woman getting close in bed

Give her the gift of intimacy. OK, this is may be the less-tangible option, but that doesn’t mean she won’t love it. Send her an invite to your home. Have candles lit, curtains drawn, dinner hot on the table, wine chilling on the side, and rose petals on the bed. Sure, you can’t deliver this to her but you can deliver her to you by invitation. Romance is by far the best gift you can give your girlfriend.