When a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, he does his best work. But if your occupation turns out to be beyond your expectations and imagination, you must find employment doing one of these nine manly jobs.


Big wig Hollywood producer and/or director Who doesn’t want to work under in the film industry? Writer, director and producer James Cameron is a prime example. Women want him and viewers love him because, in all reality, he is the man behind a multi-million dollar walk. As they say, if money is paradise, you’d better stick with the guy who can turn a huge profit.


Back a computer giant. What makes a computer giant a manly man? Digital intellect. Once upon a time Microsoft founder Bill Gates was forced to settle up on unpaid parking tickets. Thirty-five years later he’s a billionaire thanks to his brain. Computer giants bulge with intelligence and nothing says “manly” more than a guy who uses his head.


Here comes the judge Wearing a black robe doesn’t do it and banging on a gavel plate doesn’t cut it. Some men just love having the power to decide above others. And there are perks that come with such a high position. A judge is a powerful, manly job that doesn’t require muscles.


Lifeguard of the largest pool in the world If you like Chile and water, you’ll love this. The largest pool in the world contains twenty acres of water area, larger than twenty Olympic pools. This super-size pool comes with maintenance. The employment perk includes taking a boat (need for speed?) to the middle of the pool. If you can picture this as your job, you’re the man!


Playboy Mansion guide The Playboy Mansion’s guide gets to do all kinds of playful things. Like hanging around the mansion, checking out the rooms with guests as Playboy Bunnies walk through.


Fitness instructor to Hollywood’s finest Celebrities walk around with perfect skin, healthy hair, beautiful smiles and rocking bodies. Welcome to Hollywood. Hollywood’s best friend would have to be the fitness instructor. Even the Kardashian sisters use a fitness instructor!


Masseuse for female clients Yes, some men just want to rub a woman’s body up and down and you never know when it could evolve into “The Client.”


The president’s advisor Who wants to be the president when you could be the one advising him?. Imagine calling the shots, riding luxury jets, taking trips to foreign lands, buying expensive haircuts at 10,000 feet above the ground, having people wait on you hand and foot, eating top dollar food, and, yes, telling the president what to do or say. And you do it behind closed doors. In reality, you’d be the man.


And the best job in the world is… Large salary, multi-million dollar villa, transportation around the Great Barrier Reef? This manly job you wish you had was offered in a “Best Job in the World” contest. Ben Southall won, becoming the caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef. If you have no interest in this job, sit back down.