Is bigger better? Find out by using one of these large grills to cook that festive summer meal. Since bigger could mean price, cost, size or shape, all is considered before coming up with these beauties. Beginning with the Hybrid.


Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Hybrid is only fifteen grand. Cook with wood, gas or charcoal on this Kalamazoo nine-hundred model. Combine flavors by altering cooking functions. A little wood flavor can taste summer delicious. Now for something comparable.


One cool cart grill. The Solaire InfraVection Refrigerated Cart Grill is under fifteen grand but over fourteen grand. Dual side burners and over a thousand square inches makes this big grill cook worthy. And now, for something truly big!


Chillin‘ and grillin‘ in luxury. Where can you score a sweet grill to cook a fine summer meal? Well played Fontgate. Fontgate sells the Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite for about as much as one year’s salary. Try thirty-five G’s. That’s thirty-five followed by three-whopping-zeros. The biggest grills on the market can’t match this high end mobile kitchen. It is a mobile cook’s dream


World’s largest grill! The BA BBQ tractor trailer barbeque unit travels anywhere. This tractor trailer slash barbeque unit stands twenty-seven feet tall with enough square inches to cook over one thousand items simultaneously. Considered the most convenient record holding grill to travel the west. And one of the most tastiest experiences.


Marinade in the Bar-B-Q Shack. This log cabin comes with a hardcore grill, two refrigerator wells, and other perks. A nice addition to any vacation or just when staying home. If it appears as if the cart is all grill, it’s not your vision, it’s a pretty good size.



A Charcoal Kamado Grill invasion. This spheric large grill weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds may have neighbors scratching their heads wondering what that unusual black capsule-like thing is that sits in the back yard. The Charcoal Kamado Grill has a width of twenty-two inches and the depth of eighteen with a thirty-one inch height. Not the largest for a cook-off but at least the meal will take off once tossed on the grill. It tends to cook at a reasonable speed. The Grill Dome Infinity Series Kamado Grill ranges from eight hundred to one thousand dollars.


Big cookers and smokers has nothing on Top Grill. Top Grill has a line of stainless steel gas grills capable of waking the sleeping gourmet giant. The Queen Mary has eight hundred and eighty-eight square inches of grill space and comes with five fully adjustable burners, smoker, slow-cooker and other options. You’re looking at spending just under four grand for this Queen of summer grills.


A grill that cooks at top speeds. What do you get when you cross a 5.7 liter V-8 Hemi engine with a grill? The Hemi Powered BBQ Grill. A grill that can cook two hundred and forty hot dogs in three minutes is a keeper. The Hemi was designed and built by Tom Kowalec.


The world’s largest transportable smoker. For those with interest in smoked foods, the world’s largest transportable smoker may catch their eye. Like a tanker going down the highway, this large smoker weighs 25,000 pounds and reaches 57 ft. in length. That’s pretty long.