1. Record-smashing roller coaster hits Six Flags
Fan of losing your lunch? Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, has unveiled Goliath, the fastest, tallest and steepest wooden coaster in the world. We’re talking 72-mph speeds and a 180-foot drop. We feel kinda sick just thinking about it. [ABC News]

2. Ukraine declares one-week ceasefire
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called for a seven-day end to fighting between the state and pro-Russian insurgents. The rebels say they won’t play along until government forces stand down. [BBC]

3. New York to legalize medical marijuana
Good news, tokers! Governor Cuomo is set to lift the ban on medical pot in the Empire State—provided that smoking the stuff remains illegal. Hey, we’ll take it. [NY Daily News]

4. Washington Redskins trademark axed
In it’s-about-bloody-time news, the U.S. Patent Office has stripped D.C.’s NFL team of the right to use its ridiculously offensive name, hopefully putting the end to what has become a divisive—and surprisingly political—issue. [Politico]

5. Starbucks offers free college education to employees
Corporations—they ain’t all bad. The coffee megachain has announced that it will provide free or discounted online tuition to its workers through a partnership with Arizona State University. Bonus: They’ll all be really well caffeinated when cramming time comes. [New York Times]

6. Casey Kasem dies at 82, Gerry Goffin at 75
America lost two entertainment legends this week in radio host (and Scooby-Doo vocal talent) Kasem and chart-topping lyricist (and Carole King ex-hubby) Goffin. Pop music wouldn’t have been the same without you, guys. [CNN, CNN]

7. Giant Marilyn Monroe statue left in Chinese dump
And speaking of American icons, a 30-foot-tall statue of Norma Jean has turned up in a junkyard in Guigang, having formerly been on display outside a nearby shopping center. Marilyn, that position looks super uncomfortable. [NBC News]

8. Obama sending “military advisors” to Iraq
In the wake of continuing unrest between the Iraqi government and Islamic insurgent group Isis, the President announced plans to send 300 special-ops troops to help out the Iraqi military. [Guardian]

9. Lifetime announces The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story
Is there no end to out-there ’90s nostalgia? Lifetime is airing a fictionalized exposé of life behind the scenes at Bayside High. The actors playing Screech, Slater and the gang were even cast by Saved by the Bell’s original casting director. Insert skeptical Zack Morris face here. [Buzzfeed]