Nine years ago today, Apple released the iPhone. The first generation iPhone. Since then, Apple has gone on to sell more than 700 million iPhones. In the process, it has reshaped the way people around the world communicate. But circumstances were much different back on June 29, 2007. Here are nine things that have changed a lot since the groundbreaking device was invented.

1. Trump liked Hillary.
In June 2007, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton “very talented” in a CNN interview. He also reportedly donated around $100,000 to her campaign. Fast forward to today and Trump has changed his opinion in a big, big way. He recently said that if Hillary “were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote.”

2. No Tesla cars had been released.
Like the iPhone, Tesla strives to transform a world–the automotive world. But in 2007, they weren’t yet up and running.

3. The Seattle SuperSonics were a team.
Kevin Durant was drafted by Seattle the night before the iPhone was released. He was expected to be the guy that was going to give Sonics fans years of happiness. Instead, the team left a year later for Oklahoma City.

4. Eliot Spitzer was the governor of New York.
That didn’t turn out so well.


5. American Idol was the most popular show on TV.
Jordin Sparks won its sixth season a month prior to the iPhone release. The show had a successful 15-year run, but now we can finally say it’s over (if you didn’t think it was over years ago like I did).

6. Justin Bieber was a nobody.
“One Time,” Bieber’s first hit, was released in 2009. In the years since, for better or worse, Bieber has become an international superstar and has lasted longer than I would’ve thought.

7. LeBron James hadn’t left the Cavs.
Yup. Since the first iPhone came out, LeBron has had time to take a  four-year vacation in Miami and return to the Cavs with two championships. Fortunately for him, he brought Cleveland a championship this year.


8. Spotify hadn’t come out.
The No. 1 streaming service did not begin until October 2008, and it’s safe to say that Apple hates Spotify. iTunes was completely ruling the consumer music world until Spotify invented a product in which customers wouldn’t have to pay $1.29 per song.

9. The Sidekick was the most popular phone in America.
Released in 2006, the T-Mobile Sidekick transformed the texting world. It was revolutionary before the iPhone was revolutionary and it was everywhere. But you couldn’t play Angry Birds on it, so there’s your reason why the iPhone took over.