A man should learn the simple tricks of being a gentleman if he wants a woman’s heart to skip a beat. In order to do this, you should follow these instructions, which you’ll find very useful. With a little practice and know-how, you can put the “gentle” back in gentleman.


Build an “ARK” Acts of random kindness can bring a man and a woman together. Ever hear a man say, “Allow me?” before he displays a random act of kindness? Kindness can make a woman feel like royalty, so treating her like a princess when building the ARK can make her feel like she’s found heaven.


It’s an “ART” Your acts of random trickery can be your little secret. The trick? Choose a location on her blouse where she couldn’t possibly see and pick off invisible string or lint, letting her know you did so. This ART could open the door to a fun night.


Be gentle If you want to win a woman, you should give these ideas a run. Speak with a soft voice, walk with a soft step and reciprocate her advances—gently. Do whatever you can to keep a patient, slow pace.



Location, location, location! When making a date (or getting the friends with benefits wheel rolling), let the her pick where you should meet. Give her control and she’ll give you more of herself. And it wouldn’t hurt to kiss her hand when departing.


Open the door for her If a door swings out, grab the handle and slowly hold it open so that you gently cross her path. Do not use the bridge method where your underarms end up being right at her nose. Not pleasant. Open the car door in the same fashion. Opening a door for a lady is the gentlemanly thing to do.


Let her finish. Interrupting a woman when she’s speaking can lower your chances of winning her over. Having patience separates the men from boys. Man up, even if you see emo-geddon approaching.


Know her favorite song and dance Need some music, but don’t know if she’ll like it? A gentlemanly thing to do is to simply ask what she prefers. Ask her to dance after chatting over which song she likes best. Don’t go on the dance floor without her no matter what.


Eat responsibly Take small bites of food without appearing like a pig and swallow slowly after chewing. Eating neatly can not only can offer you better digestion, but can be appealing to a woman. Women love being with men who aren’t slobs.


Drink responsibly Drinking makes you’re gentleman side disappear. In order to keep the force on your side, make sure you drink responsibly. The last thing you want to do is kill your chances. Plus, a gentleman can’t hold a woman’s heart if he can’t hold his alcohol.