While geeky girlfriends may satisfy your urge to have sex with a smart girl and turn her into a bad girl, this whole fetish may totally backfire and ruin your life. While any girl you date could ruin your life one day in a variety of ways, the geeky chicks out there have an especially strong pull you have to be wary of before getting into a relationship with her. Check out these nine warnings below so you can’t say we didn’t tell you to watch out.


You will start liking her nerdy things. This happens naturally with couples: You start liking what she likes. So all the “Star Wars” memorabilia you thought was outrageous and embarrassing when you first started dating her? Yeah, you’ll start to appreciate it. Next thing you know you’ll be going to conventions in costume with her. And then you’ll see a picture of yourself that will never, ever be erased from Facebook and you’ll realize your life is over.

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Your friends will stop hanging out with you. While you may be able to stand your geeky girlfriend because you get to have sex with her, your friends will just think of her as annoying. They will probably stop hanging out with you and then it will just be you and her…


She will kill your social life. You know how you used to go out to parties, throw parties, find fun things to do and all that? Well, forget about doing that anymore. Your geeky girlfriend is a geek because she doesn’t do those things and if you’re dating her, you probably won’t either. Once you stop that lifestyle, it’s tough to start it back up again, so expect to lose your edge.


You’ll start to care about geeky stuff. By being surrounded by geeky stuff, you’ll ultimately start to care about it and waste time on blogs and message boards. This will keep you from working on what you should be working on and possibly lead to your firing or demotion to the IT department.


Your sex life will suffer. While there is a chance that your geeky girlfriend is a lioness in the sack, she isn’t that much fun compared to what else is out there most likely. Because of this, you’ll always wonder: “Could I have done better?”


You will know she is a geek. Knowing your girlfriend is a geek is a fun novelty when you’re a hipster, but if things progress you’ll end up hating her and yourself, and being embarrassed by just about everything she does. That’s no way to live your life.


You will lose all sense of reality. Geeks live in their own little worlds and you will undoubtedly be drawn into that, losing all real sense of reality. The question is, will you ever be able to get out of it?


No more sports. Geeks don’t watch sports, especially not female geeks. So if you’re a sports fan, forget about having both the geeky girlfriend and the sports obsession. She’ll never stand for it.


You’ll fall in love with her. And she’ll fall in love with you. And you’ll have an understanding about your likes and dislikes and coexist in some bizarrely effective way. This is the opposite of your previously comfortable single life and something that everyone in this old life just flat out won’t put up with.