Editor’s Note: Guys love barbecue. Guys love sundaes. Mix the two, and you have the greatest combination since Stockton and Malone. Or at least Bryant and Fisher. So we asked Andy Forch, a co-founder of Huckberry—an online shop, journal and brand discovery site for guys—to share Huckberry’s method for making a crazy-good BBQ Sundae. Here’s what he said.

Our general rule is, the more meat
the better. So chicken, pork and beef
are all not only permitted in our BBQ Sundaes, they are encouraged.

BBQ Sundaes seem like they could only exist in the imagination of a six-year-old. But they really do exist. And as we’re about to show you, if you have the proper ingredients on-hand, you can make the ultimate backyard-barbecue statement piece in less time than it takes Kobayashi to down a hot dog. Here’s how.

1. Select an appropriate vessel.
Given the sliminess (read: awesomeness) of the ingredients in a BBQ Sundae, things can get out of hand if you don’t have the proper cone or cup. So you’ll need a sturdy vessel. Your options are as follows:

Waffle cone: this adds a bit of sweet to barbecue’s savory.
Mason jar: this is great because it’s clear and you can see all of the delicious ingredients. Also: when finished with your sundae, you can rinse it (or not) and fill it with beer.
McDonald’s McFlurry cup: these would definitely do the trick, but unless you’re up for dumpster diving or can take down multiple McFlurrys in succession, you’ll probably want to go with the waffle cone or mason jar.

The Mason jar: holds pork as well as it does a cold beer.

2. Fill said vessel with barbecue-related ingredients.
You’re free to stuff whatever you’d like in your BBQ Sundae—it is, after all, your BBQ Sundae—but here are just some of the items we suggest adding:

Mashed potatoes: use an ice cream scooper to haul them into your sundae and you have ice cream’s brother from another mother.
Meat: our general rule is, the more meat the better. So chicken, pork and beef are all not only permitted in our BBQ Sundaes, they’re encouraged.
Barbecue sauce: drizzle it so it looks like hot fudge.
Cherry tomato: for the cherry on top.
Pickle: treat it as you would a sliced banana.
Cole slaw: just because.
Bacon: break into tiny pieces and you have the greatest sprinkles on earth.

3. Grab a fork and dig in.
And there you have it, folks: our version of a proper BBQ Sundae. We’d love to hear your thoughts on ours and how you’d improve upon it. We’re all ears (and stomachs?). Enjoy your BBQ Sundae.