In general, we love iPhone accessories. You’ve got funky headphones, bangin’ speaker docs, vinyl sheets that protect your touchscreen from, um, itself? It’s great! But one thing that’s always been missing from these products is that, well, they’re just not edible enough. Seriously, ever get a hunger pang and start gnawing on your USB cord? So bland.

Thankfully, the Koreans have emerged to solve all our problems…again. Yup, they are first to market with an edible iPhone gummy case. We’re sure there will be plenty to follow, but at first glance, it looks like they’ve nailed it. Not only do the cases fit the phone perfectly—and improve reception!—but they come in not one, not two, but eight delicious flavors.

Along with the ones shown here, there’s also Garlic Cream, Pickled Berry and Bubble Tea. Quality, convenience, taste. What else can you really ask for? The cases cost $12.99 apiece and fit both the 4G and the 3GS because, let’s face it, if you’re rocking a phone that came out before 2009, well, the lack of an edible iPhone case is the least of your worries. Click here to get yours before the hipsters buy ’em all up, and bon appetit!