You’re a guy. You like guy stuff. Steak, kung-fu movies, beer, all of that, right? But you’re more than that. You’re a gamer. The noble past time of playing videogames is more than what you do, it’s who you are. Unfortunately, the media, some members of the opposite sex, and other people have stereotyped games in unfair ways. Chief among their charges is the idea that all gamers are slobs. Fight back against the hate. Stand up and prove them wrong. Show all of those naysayers that you’re proud of who you are, and teach them that they need to respect gamer culture. How can you do that? Find out with our Clothing Guide for the Adult Gamer.



1. Clean Lines and Cleanliness:  Okay, so maybe that stereotype about slobbish gamers isn’t 100% untrue. Some of us could stand a few hygiene tips. Regardless of your chosen style of dress, a clean, neatly lined-up haircut and shave is a must, as is general cleanliness. Invest in a nice shaving kit, one that comes with both lotion or cream and oil to lubricate your skin for the razor. Greasy hair is a fashion no-no—make sure you keep your follicles in good repair. And oily, waxy skin is deemed unappealing as well, so don’t be afraid of exfoliation and proper moisturizing. No matter what style you rock, healthy skin is vital.



2. Represent Your Culture – Tastefully:  There’s a lot of flavor in game culture. Whether you cut your teeth on Nintendo or Call of Duty, there’s no shortage of fashion apparel dedicated to videogames. But just because it’s silk-screened on a T-shirt doesn’t mean you should drape yourself in it. Garish, crude, attention-grabbing clothes sporting huge collages of Mario battling Solid Snake while the Battle Toads and Kratos arm-wrestle might seem cool, but for a fashionable look, they’re death. Subtlety, irony, and clever humor all work much better. Use your judgment, or take someone with you to shop. Polos, T-shirts, even button-ups are all available and show people that videogames are serious business, played by serious people.



3. Consider the Material:  What about actual gaming? You know, down and dirty marathon session for your game of choice. What should the adult gamer wear then? If playing in your boxer shorts is not an option, you need to be comfortable. Pro tip: choose a fabric that breathes. Cotton is an excellent choice. Why breathable cotton? Sweat, that’s why. Imagine playing Halo for hours while you wear some cheap polyester blend or some wool pants. You’d literally sweat pounds of water. But with cotton, you can release your body’s heat and game comfortably for hours. Plus, it’s a comfortable fabric that works well with your skin. More comfort = better performance.



4. Dress It Up:  Just because you’re going to some fancy function doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’re not a gamer. You hit the endgame raids in World of Warcraft; show people where your allegiances lay. Choose ties and suit accessories that reference your heritage. Once again, the key here is taste. Be understated about it. A simple black-on-black tie with the 1UP mushroom scrolled in a patter is classy enough for any occasion, but simple and clever enough to earn nods of approval from people who recognize it. Cufflinks, tie-clips, even argyle socks can feature references to videogames while still allowing you to dress like a proper adult. But remember: above all of these things, a clean, manicured appearance is most important.