In case you missed it here is a picture of Britney’s opening act. Combine the awkwardly offensive Sara Silverman and the fat and drunk Britney Spears and you may have possibly the strangest opening to the VMA’s ever. The workout routines in the rock world seem to be a little different than they used to be. This show should have been sponsored by Lane Bryant.

I don’t know who produced this thing but I’ve seen better production on my local cable show. Am I supposed to stay up til midnight? I feel like I’m watching a New Years Eve show. Couldn’t they rent space enough to house all the acts? Why do they have to put them all in different rooms? They have certainly shown enough commercials to buy microphones that work as well but yet it seems they have all been forced to lipsink. Maybe they will get them working later.
The one bright spot. Chris Brown. The kid can dance, no doubt and I found out the title of the new Indiana Jones movie

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull