1. The record for the fastest speeding ticket in the world.

In May of 2003 in Texas, during the Gumball3000 rally from San Francisco to Miami, a Swedish built Koenigsegg was ticketed for going 272 mph in a 75 mph zone.

2. Highest Speeding Ticket for a motorcycle.

A guy in Wabasha, Minnesota received a ticket for 140 mph over the speed limit. Yup, 205 in a 65 mph zone. Here’s the cop’s description. “I was in total disbelief,” Loney told the USA Today for today’s editions. “I had to double-check my watch because in 27 years I’d never seen anything move that fast.”

3. Fastest West Coast Speeder.

The fastest speeder on the West Coast was a man in Oregon that took his 1998 BMW 540 up to 146 mph. He was running late for work. Unfortunately for him, he was only the second fastest recorded. A man was ticketed for going 159 mph in 1993.

4. The world’s most famous Speeder: and Worst Driver award

Stefan Erikkson was racing a 660 hp Ferrari Enzo at 120 mph on Pacific Palisade Highway when it hit an embankment and went airborne, striking a pole and disintegrated into pieces. He was racing at speeds over 150 and close to 200 mph when he lost control. Amazingly, he walked away from the whole thing with hardly a scratch but a hell of a story.

5. Fastest Ticket on a Bicycle.

Canadian, Sam Whittingham hit 81 mph on his bike called the Varna Diablo II. OK he really didn’t get a ticket the picture is from a joke from another speed contest. I couldn’t even get my 1995 Corrolla up to 81 mph though.

6. Funniest Speeder.
Famous Boxer Jack Johnson (as the story goes) was pulled over for speeding and received a $50 speeding ticket. He handed the officer a $100 bill and told him to keep the other half as he would be coming back through at the same speed.

7. Early Speeder

Ever wonder who got the first speeding ticket? The first one was given out in 1905 and he was fined $10. His speed? 10 mph Ohio disputes this saying they were the first. According to the Ohio History page “In 1904, Dayton, Ohio, police ticketed Harry Myers for going twelve miles per hour on West Third Street.”

8. Speeding Across the Pond

Fastest recorded speeding on public roads in England is Andrew Osborne for going 253 km/h or 158 mph on his motorcycle at Tingewick bypass, Bucks, UK

9. Record for starts out as exciting but ends up nasty: Sex while driving record
Traffic cops in Bergamo in northern Italy pulled a Fiat Punto over after watching it veer from side to side down a busy road. Inside they found a partially naked 70-year-old man behind the wheel and his 59-year-old bride sitting astride him. Ciampini was arrested for dangerous driving