I have never been a huge fan of tats. It’s not that I have anything against them, it’s just I could never find anything that I thought I could have on my body forever that would compliment who I am. I would LOVE to talk to these people in 30 years and see if they’re still happy with their decision. My guess is no. Why? Because these are the STUPIDEST choices for tattoos.

This is the famous story of the lady who sold the space on her forehead for $10,000. Even the tattoo artist begged her not to do it. It’s not known if she still has it but what a great deal for Golden Palace. Much better investment than a blogad on PerezHilton for one week. She said she needed it for her child’s education. He’s probably going to grow up to be an addicted gambler because of all the reminders.

A man goes 132-1 at 135 lb weight class in High School. Man decides to get a tattoo to remind him of his feat. Man ends up a gay rape scene on his arm instead.

We all had our vices when we were young. Very few actually get a tattoo to remind everyone how much coke they actually did.

I have nothing bad to say about this man. He is very cool and if we ever meet, nice tat. Please don’t kill me.

Artwork…a 10. Placement….a 1. Who the hells gets bacon and eggs tattooed on the top of their head? Why this guy of course.
Arby’s on the brain? Nope, Grand Slam

This could be the worst. We’ve all slipped and scraped our face. Most people stay out of public to avoid the constant questions of what happened. Only one person in the world wants to keep that look. Who wants to look like Wolverine kicked their ass EVERYDAY. I can’t wait to see this one in 30 years.

A Hulkamaniac? Yes you are. As fat as you are getting you might have room for Brooke Hogan as well. . Under the rolls is the TV title belt but you can’t see it.

This one doesn’t come across as that funny unless you know the story behind it. He wanted some loved one’s initials on his arm. What he got was a Chinese translation of “stop a woman’s flow” Period stopper.

Not much I can say about this one. Tupac would be turning in his grave.

Just because they have $1 “Cheap Beer of the Night” at the local bar is no reason to get it tattooed on your arm.

A for creativity. F for “Can I pull of an Indian humping a corndog at 65 years old”

She probably is going to tell her friends at the senior center. “When I got this he was still straight”

She just doesn’t pull off the thug with two guns a blazin‘ look.

I believe this man is friends with the one above. It’s a look but this guy is every Father’s nightmare. He could make a living pulling practical jokes on Fathers during prom time.

He must be a lawyer. He has a disclosure statement tattooed right on his ass.

It’s like the Million Dollar Homepage for tattoo artists

Got it, Got . You’re Mr. Cool Ice. You’ll be putting an “N” in front of all of those in 15 years.

Update: Mr. Cool Ice is real. Very Real. I’ve come up with his slogan

“I’ll knock you out cold”

First Rule of Tat Club: Never, never get a boy band tattoo.

If you are going to kill a celebrity, it is better to put it in a diary that across your extra wide butt.

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