I am heading to Las Vegas with my brother next weekend so I had to do some research on proper terminology if I wish to properly experience the Las Vegas nightlife. Here is a Strip Club Glossary that should come in handy. I will be taping it to my arm like a third string quarterback’s playlist.

ATM – As in automated teller machine, a dancer’s term for customer.

Ballet, The (AKA) The Great Canadian Ballet – Strip clubs in Canada.

Billy Joel – Blowjob. A code used by customers to talk amongst themselves to try and find out if any girl’s are giving head. For example : “Hey I heard Billy Joel is playing here tonight!”.

Civilian – Female customer who isn’t a dancer

Civy Titties – A female customer’s breasts.

Coke (AKA) Cocaine, Shit, Charlie, Snow, Colombian Marching Powder – What allows some dancers to work until 4am every night.

Custy – Dancer’s term for customer.

DJ Fee – A once per shift fee every dancer may have to pay the DJ for his services.

E (AKA) Ecstasy, X – Club drug usually most popular with the younger less experienced dancers who have only stripped for a short time and are there to party.

Extras – Term used for any dirty stuff including fucking, fingering, blowjobs and hand jobs. If a dancer does “extras”, she’s a whore.

Feature – A feature entertainer who usually very beautiful & talented who does a special choreographed show that may include costumes & props.

Floor, The – The general open areas of the club. If a dancer is “working the floor” or “on the floor” she has begun work for the night.

Floor Fee (AKA) House Fee – A once per shift fee that a dancer must pay to the club in order to work. Fees can range from as low as $20 or as high or even higher than $100 depending on how busy and lucrative the club is.

Floorshow – Usually the third or last song in a dancer’s set that sees her utilize the stage floor in part of her show.

Freelancer – A dancer who does not follow a scheduled work time and may generally come and go as she pleases as long as she has worked whatever minimum hours the club requires.

G (AKA) GHB, Liquid XTC – G is another club drug sometimes used in Strip Clubs. It is a salty colorless liquid that can be mixed with water or juice. While mixing it with alcohol can be dangerous and sometimes fatal, it is not confined to recreational voluntary use and will sometimes be used to drug someone’s drink as is often used as a date rape drug.

G’d Out – A coma like state of unconsciousness which can happen to anyone who has taken too much G or has mixed it with booze.

Half (AKA) Halfer – A ½ gram of cocaine, the most common denomination in which it is sold.

Hooter Shooter – When the shooter girl places a shooter in between her breasts and allows the customer to pull it out and drink it with only his mouth. This can sometimes include some simulated oral action with the shooter tube and almost always includes her rubbing her breasts in the customer’s face.

Horseshoe – A table designed like a horseshoe to allow several customers to sit around it while a dancer can strip in the middle or on top of it.

House Girls – Dancers who normally work the club on a regular basis.

House Mom – A woman (usually) who provides special services to the dancers which may include clothing sales, alterations, make up & hair services or tips and advice or even a shoulder to cry on.

Hustler – Term used for a hard working dancer.

K-Mart Crowd – Term used by dancers to describe a bunch of cheap non-spending gawking customers.

Klitty Litter – Bits of toilet paper or other debris stuck to a girl’s cookie.

Lap dance – A semi private or private dance that has the stripper on the customer’s lap. D’uh!

Mileage – Measure of the value factor of a lap dance. High mileage indicates better value. Some also use this term for the nasty factor of the dance.

Pervert’s Row (AKA) Sniffer’s Row – Term used by dancers for the seating right in front of and around the stage.

Pole, the – The Stripper Pole. Some are stationary while others rotate.

Pole Pox – Skin rash or allergic reaction to the material the pole is made out of.

Pole Tricks – A repertoire of tricks and moves used by dancers on the pole.

Pussy Plant – A procedure where a dancer takes a tip from a customer by picking it up with their pussy.

Pussy Towel – A small towel similar to a bandana that the dancers use to sit on anywhere in the club. Most use it also to keep a small barrier between them and a customer when doing a lap dance if case the guy cums in his pants.

Pussy Wipe – Baby wipes…the secret to a clean fresh cookie.

Regular – A dancer’s customer who usually always spends money on her

Rub & Tug – A Massage Parlor

Set – A dancer’s music that they use for stage shows. Usually in a grouping of 1-3 songs.

Showgirl – Similar to a feature but usually of less quality and even lesser pay.

Smoker – A dancer that smokes marijuana

Stick Shifting – When a dancer uses her hand to rub a guy through his pants.

Super Special (AKA) Cattle Call – A once a night presentation of all the dancers working in the club to briefly appear on stage one at a time so all the customers in the club can see them. Sometimes this will be followed up by free dance or t-shirt giveaways.

String Check – When a dancer checks to see if her tampon string is neatly tucked away. What you thought they took that week off?

Tipout – When a dancer tips out some cash to the DJ or Bouncer for services rendered. This may or may not be mandatory.

Twoonie Slide – A Canadian term for tipping a minimum of $2 on stage. The customer lies down (or slides onto) the stage with the tip and awaits the dancer to take it. The term Twoonie is Canadian slang for the $2 coin.

VIP Room (AKA) Champagne Room, Back Room – Where most lap dances are done at $20 per song.

White Knight – A naïve customer who is intent on saving a stripper from her “bad life”, bad boyfriend or drug habit.