I got some emails enjoying the video of Lisa Nova and so I thought I would dig a little deeper and find out more about this cute young comedian. It turns out she is a bit more known than I thought with almost 7 million views on youtube. Secondly I got this email from The Daily Reel

Los Angeles, CA—The Daily Reel, where the best in Online Video and User Generated Content, has inked a content deal with Online Video artist Lisa Nova (www.lisanova.info) to develop online videos and to debut her latest video. The new video features a humorous exchange between Lisa and her brother at the holiday blood bank while waiting to give blood and will be available Tuesday on the website.

Lisa Nova is known for her creative and deadpan online videos including a recent parody of P.Diddy’s YouTube video announcing his partnership with Burger King. She is one of the few Online Video artists to develop an extensive and loyal audience on YouTube. Her Online Videos have been viewed more than 6.7 million times on YouTube.
As part of the deal, The Daily Reel and Lisa Nova will:

· produce videos, which will debut and be prominently displayed on The Daily Reel;
· syndicate the content through other media platforms; and
· work together to monetize her content.

“We are excited to partner with Lisa Nova, whose witty, clever style has made her one of the best known and most popular Online Video artists out there,” said Jamie Patricof, co-founder of the The Daily Reel. “Having her latest work debut on our website, and helping her realize her creative vision, continues to make the Daily Reel the number one place for the best online video on the Internet.”

“This partnership is a perfect example of the evolution in Online Video, where content friendly sites such as The Daily Reel do not simply host videos, but actually seek out and recruit the best talent on the web and work closely with them to generate revenue from the content they create,” said Jeff Stern, co-founder of The Daily Reel. “You can expect to see future groundbreaking deals in the area of Online Video and User Generated Content industry by The Daily Reel.”

“I am excited to be working with the Daily Reel, they have provided an opportunity for me to be creative and generate revenue. It is an innovative site where I can tap into a new audiences and have fun producing various kinds of video.”

The Daily Reel has retained the online marketing firm Special Ops Media for its strategic marketing services and the rollout of this program and other initiatives.

A couple of other things. Many says she is “ideepthrout” (I would have no idea who that is) but that girl is older and talks with a southern accent (now why would I know that) so there is no way she is the same person. A comedic pornstar. That would be worth watching. I’m halfway there because women laugh when I make the love. Anyway, there you have it. I told you I know talent and although I spotted it after 7 million people I still spotted it.