I search for stocks that have not been discovered by the masses. I just happened to discover an athlete than has not yet been discovered by the masses. Her name is Allison Stokke and she is an 18 year old high school senior pole vaulter. She one of the best in the nation and most certainly the best looking high school athlete in the nation. Her future in pole vaulting could be in the Olympics but her future in print and in the media is going to be world wide. Her “bio” is as follows: Allison is an 18 year old pole vaulting sensation from Newport Beach, California. This talented Track & Field star has been the focus of much attention after having transitioned out of gymnastics and into the less-known sport of Pole Vaulting. She has impressed thus far in her short time as a pole vaulter and will compete next year as a Golden Bear at the University of California-Berkeley.

Her personal best is 13′ 04″ and the national record is 13′ 09″. So she is getting closer. Again, she is 18 years old. She’s going to be a big star, a big star.