Parkour is French. What good has come from France, right? Well, this might be that good thing. Parkour was adopted by the French military as a means of working out and training. The idea is to get from one place to another without taking any detours. If there is a bench in the way, run over it. If there is a ledge, bound to the other side of it. If there is a drop, drop softly on two legs and keep going. The idea is to move while wasting as little effort and getting to the destination as quickly as possible. There is no standard Parkour workout because you have to blaze your own trail. There is a way to develop your own beginner's version of a Parkour workout.



it is not advisable to just start into Parkour. The moves incorporate your whole body and the consequences of not performing a move correctly can be devastating. You should work the right muscles in the right ways to prepare for your virgin Parkour run. Perform a ton of jump squats, pull ups, planks, reach jumps, tuck jumps and V-ups for weeks leading up to the big day. These explosive moves will get your body tuned for the rigors of Parkour.


Scope Out the Lay of the Land

Parkour is usually performed in urban settings with lots of obstacles. You want to pick out about a half-mile to a mile of urban terrain. Good obstacles to start with are stairs or small ledges where you control you body and jump in an efficient manner. Or you could just rip off a Parkour instructor. Follow a beginner's class and see where they go. 



Chances are the first time you do this workout you'll feel like an idiot. You'll probably mess up, too. Just be sure to do it in broad daylight to everyone can see you jumping off walls and, more importantly, you can clearly see all of your obstacles. Keep going out there and redoing the course a couple of times a week until you have those smooth moves down and you look like Spiderman. Caution: Parkour is a difficult workout, so it might burn you out quickly. Don't be discouraged. Stick to it.