I’ve never been a big coffee drinker and despite the incredible aromas coming from Starbucks, I have never gotten anything besides an iced drink but this might change my mind. This coffee from Indonesia called Kopi Luwak is some expensive stuff only a big trader can afford or even find. This coffee is $175 a pound or more and is rather hard to get. You see, this coffee is collected after it has been eaten by a Palm Civet, a furry nocturnal mammal that eats the “cherries” that the coffee beans are inside of. The bean passes through the digestive system intact and the plantation owners go around and pick them up. Because of the difficulties harvesting this bean, there were only 1100 pounds available this year and demand has increased three-fold. The flavor is amazing according to people who have had a few cups. If someone would like to send me some I would really like to give a review on this fine coffee. To order some Kopi Luwak go here.